Relationships are complicated. They are built on one key parameter, which is trust. But, sometimes, people tend to take advantage of the ones they were supposed to love, and nothing else. There’s no room for cheating in a relationship, that being said, yes, it is quite subjective. Nevertheless, hurting your significant other’s feeling can be a heartbreaking thing for any person.

Spying on someone without their knowledge is always unethical unless you’re sure that the person is up to something, which might hurt you physically or emotionally. In this modern age, where everything is either smart or going to be, the mean of communication is always very smart, which means that you can keep a track of your someone’s conversations.

How to keep track of your girlfriend’s messages

Before going into details you can check a spy app, from the link given below.


If you’re in a relationship, where you want to keep track of your girlfriend’s messages, there are a lot of ways to do that with the help of spyware. What this spy apps do is that once you install them into the target phone, you can get hold of all the text messages including the pictures and videos.

WhatsApp is a very common medium for texting, which also makes it more vulnerable to hacking as well. Nowadays there’s a built-in option of WhatsApp Web, where you can open the same account in multiple places like laptops, tablets, etc. After installing the required app on your laptop and scanning the QR code of the target account, you can directly access that account.

It’s a good way to keep track of someone’s conversation, along with that there’s no fishy way involved here since it is a built-in option, but there’s a major drawback. Once the WhatsApp Web is active, it shows a constant notification in the notification bar that is active, which means there’s a loophole in this way.

A better way to track your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages is through spyware, but you cannot trust any random software to get the job done for you. But have no worries because Flexispy is here to solve your problems in this regard. As the name suggests it’s a spy app, and as compared to other spy apps, it is easy to use and handle.

After installing this app on the target phone, which will take approximately take 15 minutes to do so, it will keep track of the text messages along with WhatsApp or iMessage and upload them on the website after some specific amount of time.

One of the main perks of using this app is that it can work on a proper stealth mode, which means that its almost impossible to track it down. Unlike WhatsApp Web, which shows a constant notification regarding its activations, it completely hides its identity. Your girlfriend will not have the slightest clue that her messages are being traced.

Not only text messages and media history, but it can also keep track of incoming and outgoing calls with complete call log history. These, however, are the additional tools of this spy app, which you may or may not want to use. You can access this information through your account, whenever you want.

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