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Louis Patridge
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It’s 2022, and users of Netflix are enjoying the endless rise of new faces in Hollywood. As a fan of Netflix binge-watching, you must not have missed Enola Holmes (2020 most trending movie among entertainment lovers). However, let us tell you one fact — Enola Holmes actor Louis Patridge is not a new face in Hollywood.

Yet, of course, his comeback as the lead actor in the movie has delivered him an immense level of success. Today, we present to you the intense, jaw-dropping, and amazing details about Louis Patridge. So, are you ready for this adventurous and entertaining reading? Let’s get started —


To begin with, Louis Patridge is prominently acknowledged as Tewkesbury, one of the lead characters in Enola Holmes’s movie on Netflix. Previous to being a big-time Hollywood Actor, Louis Partridge was a social media star and influencer. Today, his fan following on social media platforms has increased to 7.5 Million. Not only this, but nowadays, Enola Holmes actor is appearing in Pistol, a television/miniseries available to stream on Amazon Prime Videos.

Louis Patridge
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To the reader’s surprise, the Pistol series is based on the real-life story/biography of Steve Jones from the band Pistol. In this series, Louis Patridge plays the role of Sid Vicious, a band member. Here’s another fun fact – Pistol’s content originally comes from the memoirs acknowledged as “Tales of a Lonely Boy.” 

Since the advancement of Louis Patridge, a British actor & model in the current entertainment industry, it is rather challenging to keep his eyes off him. His social media is followed by 7.5 Million followers all over the world. But trust us! Social media is not going to undo the secrets & facts we are going to disclose today! So, don’t miss out — 

Who is Louis Patridge? 

Born in Wandsworth of London in the UK, Louis Patridge is a British gentleman and big-time/most trending British celebrity on Netflix today. In 2020, Louis Patridge had his breakthrough via a film named “Enola Holmes.” Surprisingly enough, in this amazing thriller movie, Louis Patridge co-acts with big-time stars, including — Millie Bobby Brown (from Stranger Things), Sam Claflin, and Helen Bonham Carter. But that’s the story for later. 

Louis Patridge is a 19 years old British actor. Previous to appearing as a lead in multiple movies and series, Louis Patridge was part of short films with supporting roles. Did you know? As an actor, Louis Patridge kick-started his career back in 2014 with a short film called “Beneath Water.” 

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Since his establishment on sparkling red carpet and multiple guest shows, Louis Patridge has not disclosed anything about his family and childhood in London. Although, some sources speak that Louis Patridge is a middle child. He has two sisters, one is older (name unknown) and one is younger (name unknown) than him. 

According to the latest entertainment gossip, Louis Patridge is also making a comeback in the Enola Holmes Sequel in 2022. 

How old is Louis Patridge? 

Born on June 3rd, 2003 (06/03/2003), Louis Patridge is 19 years old only. Very soon, the actor will be turning 20 and completing his high-school education in Wandsworth, which is also his hometown. As mentioned before, Mr. Patridge was born as his parent’s second child in 2003 in Wandsworth, London, UK. Henceforth, he is also “British” by nationality and ethnicity. 

On the contrary, Louis Patridge also holds American Nationality. His zodiac sign is Gemini, representing creativity, growth, and prosperity in his favor. 

What are Louis Patridge’s height, weight, and body measurements? 

As a 19-year-old British Actor, Mr. Patridge stands 5’11” tall. His height is 183 centimeters. In meters, he is 1.83 meters tall. He is 160 lbs in weight. In kilograms, it is 80. Louis Patridge’s body type is lean and fit. His body measurements are — 38-34-15 (in inches) for Chest-Waist-Biceps. In addition to this, Louis Patridge’s special features are his brown eyes, old-school long hairstyle, white complexion, and pierced earlobes. 

Did you know? Before his big-time comeback in Hollywood, Louis Patridge also had high-end potential in modeling. In 2021, he appeared in PRADA’S 2021 Holiday Collection advertisement. In addition, he has made it to the cover of several popular magazines, including HOMME+, Man About Town, ICON, Vogue, and so on. 

What is Louis Patridge’s educational background? 

As mentioned before, Louis Patridge is currently in High School. He is attending his high school in Wandsworth, London, UK. He plans to complete his high school education this year and move further toward his goal of acting. During one of the interviews, Louis Patridge disclosed that he always wanted to become an actor & model. He has always been inspired by Hollywood. 

Up until now, it is unknown whether Louis Patridge will pursue a university education or not. What do you think, should he? Share your words of opinion in the comment section with us. 

What does Louis Patridge do for a living? 

Louis Patridge is an actor. He has appeared in several movies, television series, and OTT platforms until now. Louis Patridge started his career in 2014 with a film called Beneath Water. At the time, Louis was only 11 years old. Some of his movies and television series in knowledge are —

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  • Paddington Two (2017)
  • About a Dog (2014)
  • PAN (2015)
  • Second Skins (2016)
  • The Lost Girls (2022)
  • Medici (Italian Drama series)
  • Disclaimer (Apple TV’s original Thriller series) – TBA
  • Enola Holmes 1 and Enola Holmes Sequel (yet to release in 2022)
  • Pistol (Biography Six-Part series on Pistol band; Tales of a Lonely Boy, 2022).

Louis Patridge earns his living via acting. Nowadays, he has advanced his roles as “lead” in multiple upcoming movies and tv shows. Did you know? For a single movie like Enola Holmes, Mr. Patridge’s salary was over 1 Million USD. Not only this, but further the actor’s income for other big-time projects such as PRADA are in millions. No doubt that Louis Patridge is getting rich with each project/film/series

What is Louis Patridge Net Worth? 

Without a doubt, after dropping Enola Holmes in 2020, Louis Patridge Net Worth has increased immensely. His role in Medici also obtained him a lot of popularity and wealth. But, how much is Louis Patridge worth exactly? Let’s find out —

According to our latest celebrity net worth estimation, Mr. Patridge Net Worth in 2022 stands at $2 Million. For the most part, his main source of income is acting in movies and television series/miniseries on OTT platforms. However, he also earns a significant part of his annual income from brand sponsorship, paid advertisements, and so on. For example, recently, Louis Patridge represented PRADA’s latest Holiday collection. 

The latest report by sustainable sources also reveals that Mr. Patridge’s salary for the upcoming Enola Holmes sequel will be upto 10 Million USD. Millie Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things), Louis Patridge’s co-actor, will sign a 10M contract with the makers. The same digits are also assumed for other cast members. 

Further ahead, sources also reveal that Mr. Patridge earned over 300K for a single advertisement with PRADA. With so much money in hand and on his name, Louis Patridge is living with his parents in the UK. He doesn’t own a house for now. In the future, when Enola Holmes’ actor moves to America, we will update his upcoming mansion’s details. Stay tuned!

Who is Louis Patridge dating currently? Is he in a relationship?

In the event that you are wondering, 19 years old and handsome gentleman — Mr. Patridge is currently dating someone! Well! We are here to calm down your racing heart. Mr. Patridge is currently single. However, in the past, Louis Patridge’s name has been romantically rumored by many young actresses and social media personalities.

For example, in 2021, rumors about Mr. Patridge dating Lulu Everly sprung on the internet like wildfire. Fans were eager to know more about Lulu, Louis’s alleged girlfriend. Not only this but several selfies and photos of Lulu along with Patridge surrounded the internet, especially on Instagram. 

On one hand, fans waited for Mr. Louis to come across and confirm his relationship with Ms. Everly. Unfortunately for fans, he never spoke a word about it. 

Henceforth, we can say that Louis Patridge is currently single, well, at least publicly. 

Without a doubt, being a significant part of the casting of Enola Holmes has come with several challenges. In this, one of the challenges for Mr. Patridge was to handle his alleged relationship with Millie Bobby Brown. That’s right! Back in 2020, rumors about Louis dating Millie surrounded the web. At that time, Millie was also shooting for Stranger Things. As a result, Millie was being targeted on the web by both Stranger Things fans and Enola Holmes’s fans. Surprisingly enough, Millie never confirmed her relationship with either cast member. 

What personality type is Louis Patridge? 

Apart from wildly and openly questioning Louis P’s age, height, educational background, ethnicity, nationality, and whatnot. Fans are also eager to know about Louis Patridge’s personality. According to several of the characters played by Louis, his personality type is estimated as — ISFJ. ISFJ stands for “Introverted,” “Sensing,” “Feeling,” and “Judging.” 

Yet, of course, it is crucial to note that it is not Louis’s actual life personality. It is based on his character in Pistol. 


With that being said, this journey has come to an end. Thank you for accompanying us to read about your favorite British Actor. For more upcoming Netflix stars, movies, cast members, etc. — keep us in your bookmarks. 


Name Louis Patridge
Born on 3rd June, 2003 (06/03/2003)
Born in Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom
Age 19 Years Old (as of 2022)
Height 5’11 inches (183 centimeters/ 1.83 meters)
Weight 80 KG / 160 lbs
Body Measurement 38-34-15 (in inches) for Chest-Waist-Biceps
Educational Background High School from Wandsworth, London, UK
Profession Actor & Model
Nationality British & American
Ethnicity British
Parents Names not available
Siblings 2 Sisters 
Net Worth $2 Million
Salary/year $1 Million approximately
Best Features Lean Body Figure and Brown eyes
Best Roles Enola Holmes & Pistol 
House Lives with Parents in London, UK
Relationship status Single
Follow on @louispartridge_ on Instagram



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