Lourdes leon: madona girl showed her perfeft body on beach break


She celebrated the new year with a family outing to the Maldives, close by her mom Madonna and four of her five kin.
Be that as it may, Lourdes Leon likewise fitted in some quality time with a riddle man during the pure seashore escape.
Pictures show the grinning pair unwinding on the white sands, with periodic model Lourdes’ conditioned fit figure in the show in a yellow two-piece top and botanical bottoms.
The man took a dip in the sky blue waters, while Lourdes, Lola to her buddies, talked to him from the shore before the two strolled connected at the hip back to their hammocks.
Lourdes recently dated Jonathan Puglia, however, the two are thought to have separated this mid-year.
For her seashore day, Lourdes was taking a break from a family trip – sorted out by her whiz vocalist mother. Lourdes’ dad is Madonna’s previous wellness mentor Carlos Leon, who later changed his vocation to acting.

Lourdes leon: madona girl showed her perfeft body on beach break
Lourdes leon: madona girl showed her perfeft body on beach break

Madonna has shared a lot of photos of the outing to her internet based life, with her toyboy Ahlamalik Williams, 25, finishing the gathering.
The gathering respected the new year at extravagance resort Vakkaru Maldives, and furthermore utilized 236ft superyacht Serenity, with Madonna, 61, sharing video film to Instagram inscribed: ‘One love. Always remember this Holiday with my Family!’
Enthusing there’s ‘nothing more mending than a vacation with la Familia’, the pop symbol has shared photographs of her oldest kid Lourdes and furthermore her seven-year-old twin little girls taking selfies on a cell phone.
Lourdes Leon commended the New Year in the Maldives with her mum, Madonna, and kin. What’s more, the model is likewise figuring out how to appreciate some quality time with her playmate Jonathan Puglia.
The adored up couple were spotted sunning themselves as they kicked back on the seashore. In any case, normally, our consideration immediately moved to Lourdes’ swimwear!
We love the great triangle shape and tie-sides on her swimsuit set, however, it’s the mess of hues and prints that truly make it stick out. The splendid yellow and pink tints look spectacular together, wouldn’t you say?


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