Love Emojis- Let Them Speak Out Your Intimate Thoughts

love emojis

 Express with Love Emojis

Whenever someone is feeling vulnerable or at their lowest point, your urge to reach out to help get them back on their feet is called ‘Love.’ Deep love will make you selfless, realizing that someone out there is worth putting aside everything else to take care of that person. To convey your heartfelt emotions to someone with a message, you can use the following love emojis.

The Pink Heart Emoji 💗

Most famously recognized as the growing heart emoji, the pink heart emoji is often depicted as three different sized pink hearts. Each of the three hearts is slightly larger than the other, and it fuses all together to form a big heart with a visual presentation as if it’s growing. The emoji is commonly conveyed by a user to give their special someone an expression of their every-growing love with one another.


The pink heart Love emojis is what people usually put in their digital message to their significant other to exhibit their token of love. Also, similar to how the emoji is presented, it conveys their lovely feelings to their special someone as their love with one another grows deeper and stronger. It can also be used when someone is having a meaningful and lovely conversation.

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The Heart with An Arrow Love Emoji 💘

Whenever you see a heart that got struck with an arrow, it usually represents a special event that Valentine’s day happens once a year. This iconic image is typically a sign that someone’s heart just got hit by Cupid’s arrow, indicating that someone is hopelessly in love with a particular person.


The heart with an arrow emoji is usually portrayed as it is, a big red heart with an arrow that went straight through it in the middle. Furthermore, the heart with an arrow emoji is generally used in a digital message to express new and irresistible emotion towards someone. Also, it can be used when someone is composing a lovely message on Valentine’s day.

The Smiling Face Hearts Emoji 🥰

The smiling face with hearts emoji is portrayed as it is, not to be confused with the smiling face with heart eyes emoji. The emoji is a smiling yellow face icon with a couple of hearts floating around the face. Aside from that, the emoji shows a cute smile on its face with blushed cheeks, conveying how affectionate a person can be towards their significant other.

The Smiling Face with Heart Eyes Emoji 😍

The smiling face with heart eyes emoji is presented as it is, a smiling yellow face with an over the moon smile as the eyes turn into big red hearts. The emojis are generally used to convey sincere emotions towards their significant other. For instance, it can be used whenever a person is feeling love, infatuation, and adoration. The emoji also has a cat and dog variant.

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The Two Hearts Emoji 💕

The two hearts emoji are commonly exhibited as two different colored hearts close to each other as one heart is seemingly larger than the other. The two hearts emoji is generally used to express their feelings towards each other, or it may indicate that love is in the air. It can also be used to portray a close relationship with someone.

Love Emojis Takeaway

Expressing your deep and eternal love for someone may be complicated at times, as it may also be more complicated if you’re not particularly experienced in the field. Fortunately, with the help of love-related emojis, you can finally express your feelings towards your significant other to the fullest.


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