Machine Learning helps to increase Drug Discovery Capabilities_ Finds Study


Artificial intelligence is infiltrating in various markets and industries. However, owing to the
recent developments, the impact of artificial intelligence is greatly felt in the healthcare and
pharmaceutical industry.

As per Accenture data, clinical health AI is going to increase the revenue of the industry by $150billion. The data clearly shows that machine learning is going to enhance the healthcare industry.

It is owing to this reason that more and more artificial intelligence companies are getting involved in the treatment, diagnosis, and the development of drugs. By applying convolutional neural networks, it is possible to detect diabetic retinopathy using artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning helps to increase Drug Discovery Capabilities_ Finds Study
Machine Learning helps to increase Drug Discovery Capabilities_ Finds Study

The next step involves setting up a reinforcement study that can be made to control the muscles of the virtual skeleton. What will this do anyway? Such a setup will be able to help the doctors know whether or not the patient can walk, run, or jump after the completion of the treatment.

Following this, the research can be used further to design new Ai-powered legs. AI has been able to pull up the revenue produced in the drug market as well.

A report by Grand View Research implies that the world-wide drug discovery informatics market, which was held at $713.4 million in 2016, is most likely to progress to an increase of 12.6 percent by 2025.

Artificial intelligence is indeed playing a pivotal role in enhancing the drug development market. The paradigm shift and technological development in machine learning can help the pharmaceutical industry to use unique computational algorithms to support the development.

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As known, biomedical data are very complex to process. However, the process can be tweaked and made easy with the use of AI, which can alter the algorithm.

Machine learning can enhance the following stages of drug development:

● Designing of the drug’s chemical foundation. This is a critical stage.
● AI can also be used to understand the effect of a specific drug.
Artificial Intelligence has a lot in store for the coming days. We are indeed going to be heavily dependent on it.


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