Madison Lecroy Age To Be The Queen of Controversy For Splitting Up Jennifer Lopez and ARod!

Madison Lecroy age
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Having to be known for your affairs with an ex-MLB (Major League Baseball) player who is married can create a big mess among the media! The media loves to gossip. And today, Madison Lecroy age 31 years old, model and actress from Southern Charm, is acknowledged for such tasteful gossip. Not only this, but Madison also made it to the headlines when recently Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez declared that they had broken off the engagement. The reason was, during a reality television interview, the host confirmed with Madison that she and A-Rod were in touch with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though Madison said that she and A-Rod had never been in a physical relationship, they were quite close. 

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Other sources report that because Madison confirmed this during a public interview, it embarrassed her a lot. Henceforth, Jennifer Lopez broke off the engagement as she couldn’t take it anymore. 

With such a hardcore controversy, Madison Lecroy age 31 years old finding it hard to come back on the screen as a recurring actress in Southern Charm. 

Today, we brought to you a brief guide on Madison Lecroy – from Age to Childhood, Career beginning, and controversy. So, without any further ado, let’s kickstart this gossip section: 

Madison Lecroy Age – Zodiac Sign – DOB – Nationality

Madison Lecroy is originally from Greenville of South Carolina. To begin with, she currently resides in Charleston. For the most part, she is quite well-known for her television show – Southern Charm. To the reader’s surprise, in the beginning, Madison was only picked as a one-time guest on the show. However, her magical personality, figure, and audiences’ love towards her changed the minds of the makers. 

Born in 1990 on the 6th of October, Madison Lecroy age has passed 31 years. In comparison, her to-be-confirmed boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, is 46 years old, which makes this couple much juicier for the audience. 

Madison Lecroy age personal salon
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To the reader’s surprise, Madison Lecroy age is considered one of the factors why Alex Rod lost interest in 52 years old Jennifer Lopez! It seems like he wanted a less aged woman for himself. 

Moving on! Madison Lecroy’s zodiac sign is Libra which proves that she is friendly, cozy, and extroverted by personality. So, let’s hope for the best!

What does Madison Lecroy do for a profession? 

Apart from her charming personality and acting skills, Madison Lecroy is also well-acknowledged as one of the top makeup artists in America. oShe also owns a website where you can view her entire portfolio where she has covered brides from weddings and much more. To the reader’s surprise, Madison is also the inventor of Balayage – a hair coloring technique. In the context of body measurement, Madison has an alluring figurine which is 35-24-34. You can check her out on the Bravo channel at 9 pm only. 

With so much in her hands to handle, Madison Lecroy’s personal life is also a handful. You will find all about it ahead. Let’s go!

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Madison Lecroy has been married before

From her charming lifestyle that you can easily witness on Madison Lecroy Instagram profile, you wouldn’t be able to tell the secret recipe to the Luxor that she enjoys. But, what you also miss to know is that Madison Lecroy has been married before. Not only this, but she also has a son from the mentioned marriage. 

Madison Lecroy age
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Madison Lecroy age 21 year old, tied the knot with Josh Hughes in 2011. Further Ahead in the relationship, Madison and ex-husband Josh Hughes had a baby boy whom they named Hudson after two years of marriage. However, only after 3 years of Hudson arriving into the world, Madison and Josh separate their ways which she revealed in Southern Charm’s episode. 

But, the good news is that Madison and Hughes share 50%-50% custody of their child. And according to Madison’s interview, they both get along for whatever’s good for Hudson. 

Who is she marrying now? 

For the past seven months, Madison Lecroy, age 31 years old, and boyfriend Bratt Randle have been spotted together several times. There is no uncertainity that the couple is dating and cannot keep their hands off each other. When Madison’s fans thought that Brett Randle was yet another scandal like Alex Rodriguez, ex Major League Baseball player, Madison proved them wrong. 

Here’s your surprise: do you know? This October, on 14th 2021, Madison and Brett Randle announced their engagement. To your surprise, Madison was on a spree to announce her partnership with Amazon. However, she left the world entirely stunned at how fast Madison and Brett’s relationship was going.

For the most part, Brett Randle, Fiance of Madison Lecroy, is originally from Roseville of California. Surprisingly enough, he is also a baseball player, however, not as big a platform as Alex Rodriguez. 

Last but not least, Madison’s finance Brett is no big name in Hollywood or Sportsmanship. Instead, he has been working as a firefighter for 9 years now. Well! Marrying a firefighter is no less than having to have a real-time fantasy come true. Indeed, the actress said during an interview that Brett Randle is a better man in comparison to anyone she has dated or married before. 

Madison Lecroy Net Worth: What is it? 

By viewing the lifestyle of Madison Lecroy age 31 years old, she definitely looks like someone who has a lot of money. But, how much has she exactly got in her pockets? According to the previous career history of Lecroy, she has two major sources of income. One is from her regular show on Bravo’s, i.e…Southern Charm. And, another is her personal chain of Salons in Carolina. 

To the reader’s surprise, this year, Madison Lecroy net worth has crossed 1.5 million USD. Not only this, but many sources also report that Madison is the second richest cast member of the Southern Charm tv show after Thomas Ravenel, whose estimated net worth is $6 million, i.e.., 4 times Madison Lecroy net worth. 

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Our research on Madison Lecroy also revealed that she earns up to $25, 000 for every episode of Southern Charm. Her salon is well-known by the brand name “blush and brushes.” Last but not least, she holds an international reputation for “The Blond Whisperer” as her nickname given after her invention of amazing hairstyle and hair dying solutions. 

Madison Lecroy Partner’s Net Worth

Now that Madison Lecroy has publicly declared her engagement with Brett Randle, we expect that the couple has begun their journey with a luxurious vacation. However, as mentioned before, Brett Randle is currently a firefighter by profession. Henceforth, he earns only 15,000 USD approximately per month. 

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Miss Lecroy’s 2021 started with a DRAMA

Believe it or not, but Southern Charm’s second most famous actress Madison Lecroy has been a part of multiple controversies. Not only this, but she started 2021 with a Drama that included Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. According to the reports, in 2020, Madison was dating Austen Kroll. For those who don’t know, Austen Kroll is an actor from Southern Charms. He foremostly appeared on the show in 2017. Anyway, the couple broke up after months. 

After the breakup of Madison and Austen, Kristen Cavallari, American Reality TV Star whom you may know from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, uploaded a picture with Austen Kroll. Not long after, Jay Cutler uploaded a picture on his Instagram profile with Madison Lecroy. It was obvious for the audience to spot and connect the dots. 

Previous reports revealed that Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler had been in a relationship for 10 years. And it looked like Madison Lecroy was coming in between this relationship. It is very unfortunate that people held Madison responsible for the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Now, she is also seemingly hold responsible for Jay Cutler’s about-to-break relationship with Kristin. 

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DRAMA Explained…

However, not long after the rumors, Lecroy came forward and said during an interview that earlier this year, she was too busy in her own adventures of a lifetime. She said she never knew what was going on between Jay Cutler and Kristin. 

Yet, the drama didn’t end here. During the Instagram live feed, Madison Lecroy evidently said some things about Jay Cutler and Kristin’s relationship, which disclosed her hard feelings towards the couple. 

The drama ended when Jay Cutler finally uploaded a picture on Instagram with 10-years of partner Kristin with the caption “The World is full of users, 10 years, Can’t break that.” 

At last, Madison dropped a comment on the picture saying, “I told you It would all workout.” Henceforth, both Jay Cutler and Madison left the audience unknown to what was actually going on between the two. 

Madison Lecroy is often “sexy” when drunk!

How many times do we witness celebrities doing embarrassing things in public when they had a lot to drink? Well! Not often, but in Madison Lecroy’s case, the horror came true. Not long from now, Madison Lecroy started a live Instagram feed in which the audience could witness that she was pretty much drunk. Under the influence of alcohol, Lecroy went crazy and flashed her boobs to the users viewing the live feed. The users called this episode Girl Gone Wild. 

Madison Lecroy age
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The next morning, Lecroy once again dropped a live feed where she accepted how she had drunk and felt embarrassed for what she had done! Some people in the media called it a publicity stunt. What do you think? 


Without a doubt, Madison Lecroy age 31 years old, has experienced so much drama this year. But, thankfully, fans have satisfied and made peace with Brett Randle as her fiance because between Austen Kroll, Jay Cutler, and A-Rod, it was hard to say whom she was actually dating. Apart from this, the upcoming season of Southern Charm, i.e.., season 8 is seeming to bring back Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy once again. So, you can definitely expect some wild things on the screen, especially fights or maybe more secrets revealed. 

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