Main Challenges of the Last-Mile Delivery You May Face


Freight forwarding is a very complicated and exhausting process. It encompasses lots of operations – from placing an order for definite cargo transportation to downloading and rearranging all the stuff received. There are so many aspects and details to be taken into account that sometimes even an experienced transportation broker may be confused or distracted.

The last-mile delivery is one of the most difficult parts of the freight forwarding procedure. This option implies delivering goods from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. The primary motive of last-mile delivery is to transport the package as quickly as possible. There are two possible ways out. The first one is good not for all business owners. It implies that the customers arrive at the warehouse and pick up their goods on their own. Only a few business owners who have their own logistics units are able to do this. The greater part of customers prefers to entrust this task to professionals.

Nowadays there are copious logistics companies in the market. They are able to cope with the most complicated orders and satisfy even the most demanding clients. Yet, when it comes to last-mile delivery, some problems appear you should know about. The most common challenges are the following:

  • High prices.

You can hardly find a business owner who doesn’t want to pay anything but to get top-level transportation services.  

  • A lack of visibility.

Although nowadays it’s quite easy to work with various tracking systems, some logistics firms still avoid their implementation. The reasons may be different. Some of them do not want to spend money. Others are not fond of any innovative technologies. Yet, clients are to choose those carriers who offer them absolute transparency during the transportation process.     

  • The use of outdated tools and equipment.

The implementation of innovative technologies makes the shipping process more effective and faster. If the company abandons the use of such technologies, it’s not aimed at success.  

  • Improper route planning.

Very often, when you order logistics services, you have to pay not for the whole order but for each mile covered. No wonder, many unfair transportation brokers tend to create as long routes as possible. Their aim is to make money but not to fulfill an order as soon as possible. You are to avoid cooperation with such services. Moreover, nowadays there is versatile route planning software. It creates the best routes according to your needs.      

  • The absence of adequate customer support services.

Even if the shipping takes only a couple of hours, something may go wrong. In such cases, clients have the right to count on support and explanations.    

\When choosing your logistics partner, it’s of prime importance to hire competent and credible carriers. By the way, it’s a big mistake to believe that cheap freight shipping can’t be effective and of top quality.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that it’s not a good idea to underestimate the importance of the last-mile delivery option. While cooperating with professionals, you may count on timely and effective delivery. You may forget about delays or damaged goods. When choosing a top-rated transportation broker, you save your time, money, and nerves.    



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