Make A Lasting Impression With Brilliant Gold Jewellery

Brilliant Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is the best investment for the future and one of the most cherished metals for women’s and men’s jewellery. Metallurgists and metalsmiths have developed different golden alloys and more affordable layered metals to make jewellery. From intricate antique handcrafted designs to contemporary ornaments,brilliant gold jewellery symbolises prosperity and fashion statement. 

The smooth high polished yellow gold jewellery has a vintage appeal that spells grace and sophistication. Classy and chic in equal measures, the icy glamour of white gold jewellery can easily complement your trendy and traditional ensemble. Rose gold jewellery that has a unique, trendy appeal. The latest and brilliant gold jewellery designs can enthral fashion enthusiasts with their warm hue and contemporary styles.

What is gold jewellery?

Gold is a very soft metal in its pure form. As it’s too delicate for everyday wear, it’s often alloyed (or mixed) with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to make it more strong and resilient. The most common mixtures of gold are 14K, 18K, and 22K, with 14K and 18K being the most ideal for jewellery. The combination of pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper forms yellow gold, the purest form of the metal. White gold is mixed with palladium or nickel to achieve a shade close to silver or platinum. Similarly, adding copper to a gold alloy creates a pinkish colour, commonly identified as rose gold.

Styles of gold jewellery

Choosing a type of gold jewellery is defined by its colour, which should match your skin tone and clothing style. Here are some ways of accessorising gold jewellery for reinventing fashion trends.

  1. Gold Ring
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A sleek gold band studded with glittering diamonds makes the best choice for engagement. While cocktail rings and stackable gold rings are superbly crafted for both genders.

  1. Gold Necklace

Impeccably styled to catch eyeballs, a richly designed gold necklace is a  must-have for any festive or bridal function. Whether layered or worn solo, striking charm gold necklaces are exquisitely crafted to turn heads.

  1. Gold Bracelets

From defiantly bold to delicately minimal, gold bracelets have been reimagined into different forms to define your style. They shine brilliantly and are sure to make you shine as well, regardless of the occasion or your outfit. However, keep in mind that simpler ones in 14K or 18K are more suited for more regular wear, while 22K bracelets are perfect for when you want to dress up a little.

  1. Gold Earrings

Gold Francesca earrings for sensitive ears can attract attention with their classic shapes and creative twists. You can choose from a range of stud earrings, hoops, chandeliers, and danglers to personalise your look.

A quality mark or hallmark is stamped or engraved on the jewellery piece with the karatage. The price of the finished items, durability, and colour of the metal is determined by the karatage. Anything less than 14K gold can be categorised as fashion or costume jewellery. So, compare the karatage, prices, payment options, and discounts available for gold jewellery before making your purchase.


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