Malvolio – The Twelveth Night Essay

Malvolio - The Twelveth Night Essay

Malvolio’s lack of transformation

It is one of the most exciting aspects of Twelfth Night. Throughout the play, Malvolio is presented as an uptight and unyielding character who refuses to accept any form of change or frivolity in life. Despite enduring numerous attempts by other characters to force him out of his comfort zone.

In the play, Malvolio compares his wife and the pillar of salt in Lot’s story. He would never wear yellow stockings for Olivia, but he can change his appearance for her essay writing service. In the process, he upholds his moral standings while also pursuing a higher social status. In this way, Malvolio demonstrates admirable self-sacrifice.

One possible explanation for the lack of transformation in Malvolio in 12th night is Shakespeare’s choice to give him a puritan personality. Puritans were people who didn’t like the easygoing attitude of the nobility. Unfortunately, they also thought the aristocracy was the only group supporting the theatre. As a result, Puritans were a severe threat to Shakespeare’s work.

In modern audiences, many of us identify with misfits and outsiders. Similarly, we may sympathize with Sir Toby and Feste’s harsh measures. Nevertheless, our dogmatic innocence makes us question whether such punishment is justified.

His gullibility

The letter Malvolio writes to Olivia proves several things about his character. Firstly, Malvolio has an overinflated ego and is easily tricked. As such, he does not think realistically about his importance and cannot evaluate his actions. He also acts ridiculously cheerful when in the presence of Olivia.

Secondly, Malvolio is a self-serving, time-pleaser. Regardless of the situation, he will likely convince himself he is right. Unfortunately, his gullibility ultimately leads him to his downfall. Though Sir Toby and Maria may have done this, the play ends with Malvolio taking full responsibility.

The play contains both dark and comic elements. Moreover, it shows the importance of the power of disguise. It can corrupt a person’s mind and be used to control others. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play, it is used both to benefit Feste and to harm Malvolio.

His lack of superiority of mind

Malvolio’s lack of superiority of mind can be attributed to his personal belief in his goodness. He acts upon this belief, making others feel inferior. Moreover, his lack of superiority of mind is further reinforced by his other vices, such as being a strict puritan. He denies indulgences while denying pleasure to others, essay writer.

Although the play is a satire of aristocratic society, Malvolio has certain negative qualities. His lack of intellectual superiority makes him self-satisfied and easy to convince of love. He also lacks respect for the limits of place, time, and persons. As a result, his hedonistic lifestyle does not amount to much.

Malvolio’s lack of superiority of mind is demonstrated when he believes that the people he loves love him. He, therefore, assumes that Olivia is writing to him. As a result, he is likely to follow her orders.

His stern demeanor

The character of Mr. Bates – who tries to keep his mates from having fun – is one of the most frustrating aspects of the play. He constantly interferes with others’ enjoyment by reprimanding them for being late, loud, or drunk. His aggressive demeanor leads to people punishing him and making him the target of cruel jokes.

Malvolio is a Puritan whose name is derived from two Latin words, malus and velle, an irregular verb. He is jealous of Olivia’s wealth and status and has an inflated sense of himself. However, he must also gain a shared understanding to deal with people effectively.

The household devises a plan to play on his delusions. Sir Toby sends a letter to Malvolio, implying that Oliva has fallen in love with him, to write my essay. Malvolio falls for this plan and makes a fool of himself in front of his household. The letter writer also instructs a black-suited puritan to wear yellow stockings and cross garters.


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