Manifest Season 3 | Is it coming out soon? Here are all the guesses!

Manifest season 3
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Manifest Television Series aired initially on NBC Network is one of the entertainment gems by Jeff Rake. In September 2018, the first episode of this supernatural drama series made it to television. It grasped the attention of millions of viewers who love to watch the unexpected up(s) and down(s) in a supernatural way. Well! With its two seasons already out, Manifest season 3 is on the line for release soon. In April 2020, season 2 of Manifest ended at an inkling. In the latest episode of the series, a Cuban fisherman informs that he has found one of the parts of flight 828 in the ocean. He is sure of it. However, as reviewed in Manifest season 1, when flight 828 arrived at the airport, it was fit-and-fine. So, what’s the truth? 

manifest release date for next season
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Today, we discuss one of the most mysterious stories of 2018-2020. Available on Amazon Prime Video, Manifest portrayed passengers’ lives in a flight that mysteriously disappeared after a wee turbulence. Although the flight safely lands back to its departure destination, the passengers find out that they have arrived five and a half years ahead in the future. Hence, the passengers couldn’t wrap their minds around how this happened and divulge the unknown secret behind it. 

When is the Manifest season 3 coming out?

Manifest Season 3 release date is not out yet. However, through a few official resources, it has been confirmed that Jeff Rake has already declared the third season’s production. Furthermore, it will come out in 2021, most probably, by the fall season. In the upcoming season of the Manifest, many secrets behind the mystery will be disclosed. Soon enough, Manifest will reopen passengers’ storylines and the reason behind their presence on the mysterious Montego Air Flight 828. 

Is the Manifest Season 3 official trailer out? 

After the cliff-hanging closure to Manifest season 2. Viewers are quite excited to take a glimpse of Manifest season 3rd’s first look. Well! To the reader’s surprise, a wee Manifest third season promo is already out. Let’s watch it:

Who are all in the cast of Manifest at NBC Network?

  • Melissa Roxburgh acts the part of Michaela Stone.
  • Josh Dallas performs Ben Stone.
  • Athena Karkanis acts the part of Grace Stone.
  • J. R. Ramirez performs Jared Vasquez
  • Luna Blaise renders as Olive Stone
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  • Jack Messina performs Cal Stone.
  • Parveen Kaur also acts the part of Saanvi Bahl
  • Further, Matt Long renders as Zeke Landon.
  • At last, Holly Taylor interprets Angelina.

Apart from the main cast, other supporting roles are played by Daryl Edwards, Olli Haaskivi, Tim Moriarty, Frank Deal, and Malachy Cleary. 

What will happen next?

As all the passengers’ story gets twisted, they find out that they have been mysteriously connected. In the first season of Manifest, all passengers were hearing the strange voice in their head that commanded them to visit the site where the plane had landed. As the passengers reach there, the plane inexplicably explodes. However, in the finale of the 2nd season, a Cuban fisherman finds a part of the flight in the ocean and claims that it matches the description of Montego Flight 828. 

Manifest season 3 best scenes
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Apart from this, in the final episode of season 2, The Major also dies, leading to “No answers” once again. Ben has a flashback memory where he sees that the flight exploded and crashed into the ocean. Is it true? Or, once again, the strange calling is tricking Ben?

In the Manifest season 3, the final puzzle of the story behind Montego Flight 828 will fit visually. To the reader’s surprise, NBC itself called the third season “Reveals the Answer.” Hence, there are chances that Manifest third will be the finale of the series. What do you think?


Till the Manifest season, 3 comes out, share your theories with us in the comment section. 


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