Mario Kart Tour 1.2.1 Update Patch Notes Released- Here’s all Highlights


The Mario Kart Tour 1.2.1 update is now live, bringing some changes to Nintendo’s addictive smartphone racing experience. This is a small patch that the company announced via its official Twitter, but the release was anything but smooth.

In fact, the Mario Kart Tour 1.2.1 patch works as an emergency hotfix for previous patches that completely broke the game. It seems that Nintendo slipped on its own banana peel.

Hours before the 1.2.1 update, Nintendo released the 1.2.0 patch. However, some serious issues were preventing the app from launching on Android devices. The studio advised players to skip the update altogether, but some players were already too late, as the damage was done.

Those who updated the Mario Kart Tour were shocked to see that the game is no longer launching and will have to wait for the new 1.2.1 update. Some players suggested an obvious solution to this problem, including removing the game and re-downloading it.

This wasn’t sure to solve the problem for every player, but fortunately, the new patch is now live and clear sound.

Mario Kart Tour 1.2.1 Update Patch Notes Released- Here’s all Highlights

This update has been asked to adjust race controls, although it is unclear what exactly this means. Did Nintendo fully adjust the steering, drift mode, or anything else? The update also introduces a list of tickets showing your current collection and the ability to earn bonus modes as you complete the race in Mania mode.

The rest of the updates address known issues, most likely a critical error caused by a previous unsuccessful attempt at patch release.


Mario Kart Tour is finally getting true multiplayer in December, but it is coming first to Gold Pass customers. A limited multiplayer beta test will be conducted for these players, most likely in a week or two after the final release of this eagerly awaited feature.

Mario Kart Tour 1.2.1 Update | Full patch notes
Adjusted race control.
Add a list of the tickets you currently have.
Now you can earn bonus points for completing the race in Mania mode.
Known issues addressed.


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