Married to Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Here everything you wants to know!

Married to Medicine' Reunion Recap: Here everything you wants to know!
Married to Medicine' Reunion Recap: Here everything you wants to know!

It was the last married healing of the year. This is a back-to-back reunion so pack lunch! To begin with, our women look beautiful. Most of them anyway.

Contessa’s eyelids wander around the web and look like they’re gonna get us down anytime. Even with the Tarantula lashing, these women make Bravo feel so beautiful. The reunion begins with a montage of the Living Single, Quad version.

As my son says, the quad is single and ready for Pringle. Cecil and Simon are still with Dr. G, which doesn’t bother the quad. Andy says he got a lot of feedback about Simon and Quad’s dinner.

Quad apologizes for removing Simon and feeling bad. Let’s hope they can move on from here.

Married to Medicine' Reunion Recap: Here everything you wants to know!
Married to Medicine’ Reunion Recap: Here everything you wants to know!

Take out a man

Later we get a montage for all the children. Contessa stands behind her lavish birthday parties for children. Late elder son dating. His daughter Aluva is just a gem. We agree with Konessa’s feelings about Toyasa.

Contessa is outspoken about her dislike for Toy and her financial decisions. We get the Housing Party and Toya’s Abortion Package. Everyone believes that Toya has a great home. Doya, and Eugene, a physician, use the pull-out method to prevent pregnancy. Let it sink.

The last shadowy comment about Toya and Eugene’s home is not “accomplished.” Toya calls out of heaven to build a three-story wardrobe after she builds her two-story room. Heavenly is protected but all signs jealous of Toya’s house and room in Heaven.

Heavenly said Toya did not wear her clothes. He “begged, borrowed and stole” to get the house. Toya said eye roll and calm demeanor.

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Buffy the Reunion Slayer

Buffy meets with women. She is attractive and wonderful. I enter the Lady Pond completely with her. We get clip packages of women and their sex talks. We talk a lot about vagina and sex. Jackie wants us to buy her book to learn more.

Heavenly calls out not to tell Daddy about the sip and paint. Heavenly is very defensive. Damon is looking out of the green room … he doesn’t look happy. Eugene says that when it comes to heavenly lies, she begins with her words “listen.”

She says “listen too much.” The women said Damon was revenge at a strip club, and so were they.

We get a collection of Buffy contacts for this season. Buffy cries sterilely. We get a montage of Jackie apologizing to Buffy. Andy asks why Buffy can’t accept Jackie’s apology.

Cabolo’s apology was sincere when he tried to persuade the heavenly ramp. She starts shouting at Buffy that Jackie isn’t harmful. The buffet tells them to calm the sky and stop sleeping by their teeth.

Heavenly tells Buffy to stop fucking her fat ass.

Andy remembers that Heavenly called him Buffy Fat. The dude tries to play dumb if called dead. 17 seconds ago, the product indicates he was making sure. Carrie Wells tweeted (our Carrie!) And wants to know Jackie’s reasons for going bankrupt.

Jackie addresses Buffy with a deep heartfelt apology. So honestly I had tears. She is praying for Buffy and she wants no children other than Buffy, she wants it very deeply. Buffy accepted his apology.

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She announces that she and David have hired one! Her dream of having a baby will soon be realized. During the break, Jackie and Buffy are talking.

Jackie repeated how sorry she was. They embraced it again. Heavenly, always on Jackie’s side, asks Buffy to hug him too. Buffy says no! Laugh out loud. Hey heavenly


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