Martie Allen and K. McNichol confirmed same-sex relationship on TV

Martie Allen
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American Television Stars hold the limelight on themselves for so long that their personal life no longer remains in the closet. For Martie Allen, it was literally the scenario.

To begin with, Martie Allen is among the well-known spouses of American Television Stars. That’s right! Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen are in a relationship. And, it is one of the reasons why the paparazzi are so desperate to capture her. 

Born in 1962, Kristy McNichol or Christina Ann McNichol is a prominent American Actress from the 80s. You may have seen her in White Dog, The Pirate Movie, Little Darlings, Dream Lover, The End, and The Mother Of The Bride. 

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It is rather gruelling to figure out when McNichol’s career went downhill in Hollywood. However, her relationship with Martie Allen sure captured all the attention that it could. So, today we will disclose some shocking facts about Martie Allen and partner Kristy McNichol who possibly left Hollywood due to the fear of disclosure of sexual orientation. 

So, let’s take a glance into Martie Allen and K.McNichol’s life today and compare it with how it was back then: 

#1: Martie Allen wanted to be an Actress as well

From the amazing series of Prime Original, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, we have all learned to respect our partner’s career wishes. However, sometimes, they are not bound to happen for them, but for ourselves. The story of Martie Allen and McNichol is something like that. 

According to Wikipedia, Martie Allen is not just McNichol’s wife. But, she also played some small roles in movies and tv shows which are unknown. 

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Keeping that in mind, it is logical to say that Martie and Christina both wanted to earn a real-time reputation in the film industry. But, unfortunately, things only worked out, Kristy.

Not only this, but as per Martie Allen educational history, she also took great interest in stage shows at school. Her part-takes in Laurel Little Theatre’s “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” and “The Sound of Music” were probably astonishing. 

#2: Martie Allen and Kristy continued their relationship in secret

Christina Kristy Ann McNichol was the “Angelina Jolie” of the film industry in the 1970s. From their career timeline, the 1970s to 2001, she was in multiple movies, commercials, tv shows, and theatre plays. In 28 years of her career, she tackled the paparazzi at every point to keep her relationship with Martie Allen a secret. 

It is understandable now. Back in the 1970s, same-sex relationships were a taboo. They would have led to controversies immediately. And, at that time, McNichol was under the pressure of conclusions coming out of the closet. The film industry might have boycotted her. 

Martie Allen
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Thus, from 1990 to 2012, Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol maintained their relationship as a secret. Well! We presume that only their family and close friends would have known. 

#3: Kristy came out of the “closet” publicly

After 30 years of a secret relationship, Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol publicly announced their live-in relationship. Without a doubt, it was the beginning of a new era when people have started conversing freely on the LGBTQ topic. In 2012, Kristy held a press conference speaking about her relationship with a same-sex woman named Martie Allen. 

Above all, Kristy, during an interview, also disclosed that her main purpose behind revealing her relationship to the world was directly supporting teenage kids who are bullied in schools and colleges due to their sexual preferences. 

#4: Is Martie Allen’s wife still alive? 

After announcing her retirement in 2001 during a press conference, Kristy McNichol departed the film industry. After taking such action, Kristy told the media that she had recently lost a beloved friend. And as a consequence, she realized that life is too short. Henceforth, Kristy decided to move on from her long-lasting dream of becoming an actress. Further, create a dreamland out of her personal life and love. 

So, the main question stands, is Kristy McNichol still alive? The answer is Yes. Kristy McNichol is still alive. Indeed, she is living a happy life in Los Angeles, California, with Martie Allen. 

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According to inside details, Martie Allen’s wife, Kristy, has bipolar disorder, which is a type of mental illness. It is also one of the rationales why Kristy left the film industry. As per Kristy, the reason for her disease is her long-long career as an actress. She first came into public’s sight in a TV commercial at the age of 11 only. Since then, she has been going on. 

#5: Marie Allen Age: Is she older than Christina? 

Martie Allen is a 1960 born. Thus, she is 61 years old as of 2021. In comparison, Christina was born on September 11, 1962. Hence, making her two years younger than Martie. 

#6: What does Martie Allen do for a living? 

To begin with, Google websites will tell you that Martie Allen is an American Actress, which is only partly true. Yes! Martie tried her hands on the film industry in Hollywood a long time ago. However, things didn’t turn out well enough for her. 

Thereafter, Martie pursued her interest in psychology. After their studies, she pursued her career as a full-time Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Not only this, but Marie also struggled to keep a job in her youth days. She skipped from being an executive at a child and foster care agency. However, she was quite famous as an Aspiranet’s executive. She appeared in multiple interviews promoting child adoption and signing up for adoption. 

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In a way, Martie Allen gave back to her LGBTQ community by opening opportunities for them to adopt babies and start a family. 

#7: Who is Kristy McNichol Married to? Is it Martie Allen? 

It is challenging to speak of Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen’s marital status. Despite this, it is controversial. In 2012, when Kristy announced her relationship with a woman, it created a fuss because she was one of the first female actresses/singer in Hollywood to come forward and talk about unique sexual preferences. 

Since 2012, it has been a difficult pathway for media to keep track of what Kristy’s up to these days! In the meantime, no news confirming Kristy and Martie Allen’s marriage has come forward. 

#8: Kristy McNichol had her share with straight partners before Martie

Before Kristy met Martie Allen and fell uncontrollably in love with her, she was acknowledged for dating multiple male personalities in the music industry and Hollywood, one at a time. Anytime before 1976, McNichol dated Timothy Hutton, American Actor from Ordinary People, Beautiful Girls, Taps, and All The Money In the World. At that time, Timothy was only 20+. 

Starting from 1976, for a year, McNichol maintained an open-media relationship with Jeb Stuart Adams, i.e.., son of Nick Adams. During the time, Jeb had entered the real estate industry already, leaving his acting career behind. The couple separated their ways in mid-1977. 

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Kristy and Scott Baio got together on the project “The Love Boat.” According to McNichol, Scott was his first on-screen kissing partner. In 1977, they got together for real, and the world couldn’t believe it. However, it didn’t last long. 

In 1978, McNichol started dating Family TV show co-star Leif Garrett. Yet again, their relationship failed due to back-stage complications. 

#9: McNichol confronted her sexual preferences in 1980

Finally, in 1980, Kristy M. found herself attracted to women. She started dating Elizabeth Brooks, who was then a prominent actress. Unfortunately, in 1997, Elisabeth died because of cancer in her brain. But, if it is any consilience, Elisabeth and McNichol had parted ways already in 1981 when Kristy began taking an interest in male members again. 

As a consequence, she began dating Joey Corsaro, Hollywood MakeUp Artist and HairDresser. Their relationship also didn’t work out. 

In 1981, yet again, McNichol found her way dating the CEO of GR Dodge Foundation, Christopher Daggett. After months of struggling relationship, Kristy is captured by the paparazzi in a romantic relationship with Ina Liberace. That’s when the media caught on rumours about McNichol being gay. 

Martie Allen
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Later on, Kristy met Martie Allen through a mutual friend. They hit it off, and McNichol, after a few years, left the film industry. As brave as it sounds, Kristy spoke about her emotional stress after the deceasement of her former partner, Elisabeth Brooks. 

At that time, the media made a fuss about Mcnichol’s open relationship with Martie Allen. However, today, Hollywood sees people from the LGBTQ community all the time. And, thankfully, it is no big deal. 

#10: Martie Allen Net Worth

With less and less information on Martie Allen’s current doings in terms of profession, we can only count on Kristy McNichol Net Worth to find out how rich Martie Allen is? According to 2021 Hollywood net Worth estimations, McNicol and Allen’s combined net worth is $7 Million. It is no doubt that McNichol had an uninterrupted acting career since the age of 12. Hence, her net worth is wise and well-earned. 


Finally, after so many ups and downs in Kristy McNichol’s dating life, she found Martie Allen. Even though there are no updates on whether they tied the knots or not, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for their return to the limelight. 

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