Mary Wilson Talks New e book ‘Supreme Glamour,’ discovering The Supremes’ gowns around the globe ‘DWTS’


The supreme surely is an iconic group. Even now, people are used to calling it the most successful girl group in America ever! Apart from Mary Wilson, the girl group has undergone tremendous changes all over the years time and again. But that did not stop the group from being as legendary as it could be.

This is the reason why, Mary Wilson came up with an idea of retelling their stories out in the world with her new book titles, ‘Supreme Glamour’. The fourth book consists of thirty-two matching outfits of the Supreme specifically taken at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

It is not a secret anymore how much Mary Wilson loves beads and sparkles and all the glittery stuff around. She is the one who has been there in the group from day one, being the founder herself.

Mary Wilson Talks New e book 'Supreme Glamour,' discovering The Supremes' gowns around the globe 'DWTS'
Mary Wilson Talks New e book ‘Supreme Glamour,’ discovering The Supremes’ gowns around the globe ‘DWTS’

She has seen her group go through numerous ups and downs. Her life itself has been sparkly one and maybe she wants to combine the sparkles in the lives of The Supreme and present it to the world in form her book which has been released on 17th of September.

If you are thinking that Mary Wilson is all about the paperback or the hardcover, you are wrong. The princess is way beyond that! Mary Wilson is coming o the screens on the 28th season of Dancing With The Stars running on the ABC which was set to be premiered on 16th September.

The girl group Supreme has a total of twelve Number 1 hits all-time in their music history on the Billboard Hot 100 for five whole years consecutively. The girl group was heavily active during the years 1959 to 1977. We can expect to see a new side of the most powerful vocal group America has seen in its history.

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