Massive Corn Maze Opens Sept. 7, Releases Aerial Photographs


The broad corn labyrinth at Richardson Adventure Farm will open this end of the week and the entrepreneurs have issued an aeronautical photograph of its total plan, which is intended to recognize and commend the 50th commemoration of the Apollo 11, as per a news discharge from Richardson Adventure Farm.

The 28-section of the land labyrinth at 909 English Prairie Road close Spring Grove incorporates 9.7 miles of trails. To include some point of view, the ranch’s nineteenth labyrinth is the size of around 21 football fields orchestrated in one major square shape.

Consistently, ranch proprietors George and Wendy Richardson think of an alternate topic. The view from above of the current year’s labyrinth demonstrates an unpredictable system of trails slice through the tall corn with display of pictures praising the principal kept an eye on moon arriving, with two space travelers, the Saturn rocket, an American banner, Earth and the words “Apollo 50” and “Richardson Farm,” as per the news discharge.


Three stars respect the prior Apollo 1 space explorers who died in a cease-fire on the platform during a test in 1967, as indicated by ranch authorities. The words “Next Giant Leap” speak to future missions to Mars and other profound space goals.

New this year, wine samplings and a lager nursery tent will be nearby to enable guests to get a beverage while at the ranch, which authoritatively opens for the fall season on Sept. 1.

Throughout the years, labyrinth topics have regarded achievements for the Chicago Cubs, Star Trek, Chicago Blackhawks, the Star-Spangled Banner, and even the Beatles.

The labyrinth has numerous sections and leaves focuses and no impasses and guests can investigate a little segment of the trails that involve the structure, or the entire thing, ranch authorities said. Maps are given, set apart with relating “checkpoints,” and three wooden “spans” inside the labyrinth fill in as review stages.


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