Masters of Ring Entertainment charity show -Event highlights and more


Masters of Ring Entertainment does not hold events frequently but whenever they do, it is a friendly event. On Saturday, we had another event of the Masters of Ring Entertainment which held at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Kenansville at the Duplin County Events Centre.

This is the first show after their last 3 years ago in 2016. Bambi Weavil is the founder and promoter of Masters of Ring Entertainment which came into existence in 2015. He said that this is the biggest event by Masters of Ring Entertainment up till now since its existence.

There are many Marquee Matches lined up between A list wrestling pro stars. One of the matches will take place between the Melina Perez and Lisa Marie Varon who are former stars of WWE. The women championship takes place between them which will also be the second fight between them ever.

For the men’s section, we had James Strom, WWE star Darren Young and Brian Cage competing against each other in a triple threat match. James Storm is a former Master of Ring Entertainment Heavyweight Champion whereas Brian Cage is the Impact Wrestling star.

Billy Gunn and Shawn Spears faced off for the first time ever at the Charity event on Saturday.

An Invitation Battle Royal takes place between 13 independent wrestlers and winner of the Battle , later on, compete in the triple threat match against Victor Andrews and Bu Du Kao.

There are other guests who marks their presence at the event. Some of them are WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zybyszko, MLW Star Salina De La Renta, Former WWE star Terri Runnels, and Former ECW star Stephen Deangelis.

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Fishin’ With Special Friends of Wilmington, a national non-profit charity will benefit from some of the events. The charity holds fishing events for kids and adults with special needs.


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