Mayans MC Season 2 :Episode 3- full Review and fans reactions

Mayans MC Season 2 :Episode 3- full Review and fans reactions

One thing apparent now that it was quite a witty move on Kurt Sutter’s part to put some road between the end of Sons of Anarchy and the impending debut of FX’s considerably great spinoff Mayans M.C. on September 4.

While the response to the now-canceled The Bastard Execution, er to say the tiniest, the step into 14th century Wales and away from narrating the tales of California biker gangs appears to have whetted the already pretty sharpened writing talents of The Shield producer.

Coming together with Little Birds director Elgin James to disclose the very American saga of the Emilio Rivera led Latino organization, Sutter has made quite a jab into the underworld of not just biker criminal society but the demographics and culture of wars flaring across America right now.

Mayans MC Season 2 :Episode 3- full Review and fans reactions
Mayans MC Season 2 :Episode 3- full Review and fans reactions

In this two-tiered table set a few years after the demise of Jax Teller in the 2014 end of SOA, you’ll find a known face of Rivera reprising his Sons role of Mayans national president Marcus Alvarez, but for the most part, this salvation story of sorts goes down new routes with new faces.

In a cast that comprises of a giant like Edward James Olmos as the father of just out of jail and clashed Mayans prospect EZ, portrait by J.D. Pardo and his charter collaborator and brother Angel, depicted with insight by Clayton Cardenas, there is a lot to see, take in and pay close scrutiny too.

However, we would tell you to make sure you don’t look at another way when Mayans full patch and American Crime vet and past Emmy nominee Richard Cabral and Law & Order: SVU alum Danny Pino as the blood-craving Corner taught ted cartel successor is on screen. With such strong executions, Mayans is a place much above than most series in the era of Peak TV where to summarize one of the characters, the real world comes barging in.

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Here the impact is even tremendous with conflicts on the US/Mexican border, bizarre political bedfellows, the washing of dirty money and culpable consciences as well as hogs, treason, brutality, and remorse.


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