‘Mayans MC’ Star Emilio Rivera supervises L.A. Rams Coin Toss: Here’s what happened?


The Mayans MC stars were witnessed getting into action at the game held at LA Memorial Coliseum. The two captains were Emilio Rivera and JD Pardo who plays Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes.

Both the captains supervised the coin toss at the LA Memorial Coliseum in the game of Los Angeles Rams against New Orleans Saints. Both Emilio and JD were seen wearing the number 19 jerseys of the Rams.

Just before Emilio Rivera went on to toss with JD Pardo, he stated that “We’re here to watch the L.A. Rams take down the Saints.”

His words actually turned into reality when the Los Angeles Rams did win the toss against the New Orleans Saints and deferred to the second half.

Mayans MC' Star Emilio Rivera supervises L.A. Rams Coin Toss: Here's what happened?
Mayans MC’ Star Emilio Rivera supervises L.A. Rams Coin Toss: Here’s what happened?

It was Vincent Vargas who posted a picture of the star cast on Instagram enjoying the game between Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints. He was joined by Clayton Cardenas, Michael Irby, Raoul Max Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo, Danny Pino, Gino, and Joseph Raymond Lucero.

The star cast appeared at the game to promote the second season of their show, Mayans M.C. which recently premiered. Emilio Rivera has already been known as a fan of the Los Angeles Rams’ fan and has posted a lot earlier supporting the team. Both Emilio and JD Pardo were seen in another corner of the game, away from the other cast member, really enjoying the game.

The game did not disappoint either as it was a tough battle between Rams and the Saints. Both the teams were obviously in extreme pressure with the stars witnessing them in person at the game. Despite the tension, both the teams ended up playing really well.

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The season two of Mayans M.C. has already been premiered on 3rd of September 2019, on FX. The third episode premieres on 17th September 2019.


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