MCI Global Solutions Review: A Real Discount Broker in The Realm of Trading

MCI Global Solutions

Online trading became a switch of career and expertise for some individuals around the world as modernization took place. Advancements in technology opened online platforms where we can earn a living without proper employment. All it takes is knowledge, wise thinking, and grabbing opportunities and risks. With this, let us understand the online trading benefits we can expect upon relying on MCI Global Solutions. But before that, let us define what online trading is.

MCI Global Solutions Review Summary 

MCI Global Solutions provides commission-free stock trading without inactivity and withdrawal fees. Its web and mobile trading platforms are 100% user0friendly and well-designed. Account opening is smooth, fully digital, and fast at the same time.

Nonetheless, MCI Global Solutions offers only a limited selection of assets and does not allow other clients from other countries.



·         Fast and completely digital account opening

·         Excellent web and mobile trading platforms

·         Excellent educational materials


·         Not available in all countries

Benefits of Online Trading with MCI Global Solutions 

Moving on, here are the benefits to expect once we trade with the help of MCI Global Solutions.

  • Acts as the broker

Broker platform like MCI Global Solutions are responsible for taking good care and monitoring the trader’s trading progress. However, if sufficient knowledge and experience are not yet gained, having a broker will be a great help.

Brokers make the trading journey better and safer from risks that can result in losing almost everything. With MCI Global Solutions, it can be ensured that the market will be well-monitored and that perfect moments to buy or sell assets can be taken, given that it is best to sell at high prices and buy at low prices.

  • Good Monitoring and Control

Online trading entails different types of concerns that can unexpectedly come to the surface. But by having a broker, good monitoring and control of the platform can be ensured.

With MCI Global Solutions, traders can have a relaxed mind as they are assured of real-time monitoring of everything happening on the market.

They can stay updated without taking too much effort and stress. They can also enjoy more free time to enjoy or do other things aside from trading, which is in the reliable hands of a broker like MCI Global Solutions.

  • Beginner-Friendly 

Beginners in trading usually rely upon the services of MCI Global Solutions, and it is an opportunity not to take for granted. Brokers used advanced algorithms at all times.

The platform has also a team of professionals who undergo tedious studies, research, and all to make sure that beginners in trading can have a good starting time in their career as future traders. They have sufficient tools ad interfaces that will be used further to advance the situation of our trades to better ones.

How Can I Open an Account with MCI Global Solutions?

The account opening process at MCI Global Solutions is extremely user-friendly. It takes only ten minutes to submit the application and less than a day for the account to be verified.

Opening a MCI Global Solutions account requires that a trader in the US:

  • is 18 years old and above
  • have a valid social security number
  • have a legal American residential address
  • is a US citizen, have a valid US visa, and is a US permanent resident

To finish the MCI Global Solutions account opening:

  1. Fill in your personal details such as your social security number, birthday, and address.
  2. Answer quick questions relating to trading experience
  3. Confirm identity with passport, identity card, or driver’s license. A picture of the documents taken with your phone will suffice.

How About Deposit and Withdrawal?

Deposit and withdrawal at MCI Global Solutions are simple and free, not to mention there’s a decent cash management service available. Meanwhile, you can also make deposits and bank transfers.


These are only some of the benefits of online trading with MCI Global Solutions and even other brokers. The mentioned benefits above ensure that we will have a great trading experience, whether we are a beginner or not. From quality to the price, it is all worth it!

Visit and contact MCI Global Solutions today to start trading.

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