Meet the Frasers: Matt does not seem happy about Alexa’s marriage idea


Family reality shows have always been popular among the audience. After reality shows like “keeping up with Kardashians” and “19 kids and still counting”, the audience is expecting more interesting and gossip related shows. “Meet the Frasers” is one such family reality show which released its first episode on 13th January 2020. It is based on a couple of names Alexa Papigiotis and Matt Fraser. Matt Fraser is a self- proclaimed psychic and Alexa Papigiotis won a beauty queen contest in 2017. Matt and Alexa are currently in a relationship with each other and this whole show will revolve around Matt’s psychic abilities and the couple’s life.No doubt, the couple is madly in love with each other but there are certain points of disagreement between them. Recently, a piece of news regarding the couple is in circulation.

Meet the Frasers: Matt does not seem happy about Alexa’s marriage idea
Meet the Frasers: Matt does not seem happy about Alexa’s marriage idea

Alexa expressed her opinion regarding marriage which left Matt in shock. Alexa is ready to get married and settle down whereas Matt believes that Alexa is getting impatient regarding marriage. A few days back, Alexa expressed that she wants to focus on her career but she also wants to get married. On the other hand, Matt shrugged off this whole idea of child and marriage. He explained that he wants more time before marriage as there is no need to rush. Recently, Alexa’s plan regarding the engagement ceremony gave Matt cold feet.

She expressed the kind of engagement she wants to throw. She planned a whole marriage and engagement ceremony in her mind. From engagement to wedding cards, she has a plan for every aspect of the party. Recently, Alexa even gave a hint to Matt by putting a cat inside her hoodie. She did this to show Matt the way she will look during pregnancy. She even confessed to Matt that she wants him to propose her in Disneyland. However, Matt negated this whole idea by saying that proposing in Disneyland among the kids might not be a good idea

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