Megan Fox Talks About Her Mental Breakdown And Depression


Megan Fox confessed that she has gone through a period of depression and mental breakdown in her life when she just did not want to do anything. She did not feel like walking the ramp or any carpet, she did not want to do movies not even want to be on television or do a magazine shoot. She did not feel like acting or modeling either. She just did not want to be seen at all.

She was constantly scared of too much attention that she did not ask her. She feared being talked about, she thought people might throw stones at her or there would be too much paparazzi that would mishandle her and she would get mobbed. She did not want to be the one to be drooled about, neither did she want to be mocked. She thought she was going to be punished only for being out.

After she saw herself on Jeniffer’s Body in 2009, it suddenly hit her mind that she was always seen in an intimate avatar, everywhere and all the time and she became conscious to an extent that she refused to work and to be seen in public because of the fear of judgement. Positive or negative, she did not want any.

Megan Fox Talks About Her Mental Breakdown And Depression
Megan Fox Talks About Her Mental Breakdown And Depression

The American actress at the age of 33 claims to have been talking about #Metoo movement way before it happened, she told people when she was not comfortable with how people treated her but whenever she would say it aloud, she would be said that it’s what she deserved after what she does on television and her clothes. She couldn’t speak out more for she feared of how she would be received.

So Megan was waiting for the time when people would be ready to acknowledge victim-shaming, only then would she share her stories about being ill-treated in Hollywood.

Fox after going through depression and mental breakdown does not think it to be her responsibility to punish the bad guys. She doesn’t want to be the universal hammer for everyone and correct everyone.


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