Mercato’s Same-Day Grocery Delivery with ‘Mercato Green’

Mercato's Same-Day Grocery Delivery with 'Mercato Green'
Mercato's Same-Day Grocery Delivery with 'Mercato Green'

Mercato, the online grocery eCommerce platform for independently owned grocery and specialty food stores, announced today the launch of Mercato Green.

The delivery membership program serves customers in more than 25 states across the U.S. to get limitless free, same-day deliveries from their favorite local grocers. Mercato also plants a tree for every order placed by its Green member.

There are two Mercato Green membership plans. Both come with a 14-day free, unlimited trial. First is the Neighborhood plan which covers deliveries up to three miles from the store.

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Then there is the City plan which covers up to 10 miles. Both plans present a wide discount for consumers who are looking for the service and reliability of same-day delivery from their favorite neighborhood grocers.

Mercato's Same-Day Grocery Delivery with 'Mercato Green'
Mercato’s Same-Day Grocery Delivery with ‘Mercato Green’

Online grocery sales are estimated to reach $29.7 billion by 2021. They continue to climb as many people find traditional grocery shopping a hassle.

With Mercato, consumers conveniently order fresh food from stores in their community.

They can have their orders delivered to their doorstep, typically within an hour or two. This saves customers time and trouble. At the same time, it supports local, independent shops.

Mercato Founder and CEO, Bobby Brannigan, was quoted as saying, “We are making local grocery delivery more available to everyone. We all live hectic lives and time is often our most restrained resource.

A single trip to the grocery store can take an hour or more, and many people have to go multiple times a week.

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Mercato Green helps decrease the time people spend on grocery shopping and expands access to these great stores.

Since the monthly cost of the program is around the price of single grocery delivery, it is of great value as well.” provides an online storefront where users can quickly select everything from meat and fish to bakery items and many more.

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