Michael Jordan’s competitive spirit, approach to basketball evident in ‘The Last Dance’

Jordan’s competitive spirit

Everyone has been talking about “The Last Dance,” as sports fans are making sure to tune into the little content they have. Jordan’s competitive spirit-

It matters not what their favourite sport, team or athlete is, as the fact that they’re taking a look back at the career of the greatest NBA player of all time is enough. And, most importantly, it’s sports they can watch on TV. Sure, it might not be live, but anything is better than nothing, with sports leagues around the world suspending play and no answer insight as to when it might ramp up again. Michael Jordan’s competitive spirit, approach to basketball evident in ‘The Last Dance’-

But the majority of the world has been ordered to stay inside, in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Social distancing is important, but remaining at one’s home is the best way to achieve the goal of protecting both themself and others. But with that, comes some boredom, and plenty of time to fill with activities. Board games, spontaneous dance parties, eating, drinking, Zoom calls and outdoor activities are all the rage these days. You can also watch Basketball Training Videos and train yourself as a good basketball player

Also popular is watching TV and movies. More often, people seem to be watching streaming services, but cable is doing OK as well. And while networks such as ESPN have been struggling without live sports to feature, “The Last Dance” has been a huge boost — dominating ratings every Sunday night.

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And there’s good reason for that, as “The Last Dance” has the chance to go down as the best sports documentary series of all time. It features so much unseen footage, from a behind-the-scenes perspective, as well as interviews from players and coaches involved, to get their reactions. 

But, most importantly, it’s shown a side of Jordan we haven’t seen — his competitive spirit. Jordan would do whatever it took to win, even if it took pushing his teammates to the limit, yelling at them or overseeing their workouts. And the results certainly made it worth the extra hassling, as he won six NBA championships during his tenure in Chicago.

Jordan’s competitive spirit and he himself was also great at keeping shape, physically, and at preparing for games. There’s a reason he was seen so often either on the court or in the weight room. His dedication and passion for greatness were big reasons why he was so dominant, and played at a level above everyone else — ever. He’s the greatest of all time for those major reasons. This infographic from Betway shows how the three pillars of match preparation are key to achieving peak performance and are essential for anyone who wants to “Be Like Mike”.


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