‘Microsoft Excel’: A Strategy Game

Microsoft Excel’: A Strategy Game
Microsoft Excel’: A Strategy Game

In so many existing years of gaming, we have seen almost everything from the amazing to the worst. But sooner or later, something weird appears on the horizon.

It has brought us to [Cell]ivization, a basic version of Civilization that is as strange as it is amazing. We have seen Excel utilized for various things, but we have never seen it being used for a video game. User s0lly is out with version 1.0 with this description;

It is my first game in Excel, with the first version (v1.0) which has been created within just around a week for the OLC CODEJAM 2019

Microsoft Excel’: A Strategy Game

The game jam’s basic theme is destruction, which is accurate for this game’s v1.0 iteration, provided that the only single way to achieve is to destroy the opponent’s team.

The game is not very heavy on features (basically, it involves just building the units and attacking the opposition), but we will add on some additional features –you could call it DLC – if individuals are eager to observe more!

The game currently has these features:

– It is a two-player game (BLUE vs GREEN), in a heavy environment

– It involves moving units around using WASD

– It involves moving the camera around the world map irrespective of unit movement

– It involves building different unit types in cities using the 0-6 keys

– It has multiple unit types available, each possessing their own statistics, with some holding special abilities ( see the “Tiles” tab)

– There is unit movement speed which is dependent on the ground it moves

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– It involves building new cities to invent more units, more frequently

– It has one world, with a close-quarters or larger / bigger game environment which is available

– It also has fog of war

Version 1.0, in addition to instructions to help you get started, is present on itch.io.


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