Microsoft is Releasing New To-Do App to Replace Wunderlist


Microsoft is making some huge tweaks to its To-Do application this week, with a sun design that involves more customization options and another name from To-Do to simply To Do.

The huge headers in the present version of To-Do are running away in favor of various background images and color templates that can visualize the entire application. You will even be enabled to opt from the Berlin TV tower background that was given in Wunderlist, as Microsoft tries its best to bring out the best of Wunderlist and To-Do together.

To-Do visualizes a lot more like the real Wunderlist right now, and backgrounds are customized per list so you can actually customize the visual of To Do on a list by list base. The dark mode is also now there on Android, Windows, and Mac, and it will soon be launched on iOS 13 once Apple launches the update by the end of this month.

Microsoft is Releasing New To-Do App to Replace Wunderlist
Microsoft is Releasing New To-Do App to Replace Wunderlist

Along with the new backgrounds, Microsoft is also reminding Wunderlist’s individuals what has turned in To-Do over the earlier year or so. A Mac version that was launched earlier this year and To-Do also involves a daily planner option that utilizes the smart lists that you may have utilized in Wunderlist. The My Day option will relaunch each day with suggestions for what you want to get done that particular day.

Microsoft is really thinking that these new To-Do changes will help it get easier for Wunderlist fans into the application. The brand new design arrives just some days after Wunderlist founder Christian Reber offered to get back the application from Microsoft to avoid it being closed down.

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Microsoft has not given any further updates on the timings of the Wunderlist close down, but the company does mention this brand new version of To-Do is that the best-of-both-worlds vision made available. Microsoft is now looking forward to extra feedback on the differences and reminding people that it is easier to mover over from Wunderlist.


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