Microsoft replaced TechNet and MSDN forums with New A website


According to this Microsoft document, the new Microsoft Q&A platform site is currently in the preview phase and was launched on Tuesday.

It currently supports moderators for some Azure services, the Universal Windows platform, and the Partner Center API.

The user interface for asking questions in Microsoft Q&A is very similar to Yammer-based, used in Microsoft Tech Community Posts.

Content in the TechNet and MSDN forums will not migrate to the Microsoft Q&A site according to the Q&A page.

Microsoft replaced TechNet and MSDN forums with New Q&A website
Microsoft replaced TechNet and MSDN forums with New Q&A website

These forums will still exist, but users will not be able to ask new questions when the Microsoft Q&A migration is complete.

A machine learning algorithm will work on Microsoft Q&A searches, however, sometimes directing users back to TechNet or MSDN forum content.

Microsoft is inviting its TechNet and MSDN platform moderators to participate on the Microsoft Q&A site.

However, anyone can answer questions in Microsoft Q&A.

The answer is considered definitive when the person asking the question accepts the response as an “accepted answer”.

Microsoft Q & A users of Microsoft Q&A receive “reputation points” for participating, and those points are understood as markers of their knowledgeability.

Microsoft plans to continue participating in the stack overflow forum, according to the Q&A page but expects Microsoft Q&A to provide better support.

Here’s how the Q&A page is expressed:

It is difficult to get a complete picture of the customer questioning the stack overflow.

But at Microsoft Q&A, it will be possible to link Oscar to their actual product usage and support agreement.

This will enable new opportunities to offer the highest quality of support.

Microsoft Q&A was described as a “natural extension” of, which provides documentation on various topics, and Microsoft Learn, which provides tutorials.

Users with profiles set up for any of those portals can use the same credentials with Microsoft Q&A, or a new account can be created (it can be accessed in the top-right corner of the Microsoft Q&A site ).


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