Microsoft’s New Edge logo Revealed erasing bad memories of Internet Explorer


Now that Microsoft Edge features a new Chromium-powered engine, the corporate is prepared to provide the browser with a contemporary look to match.

In the wake of associate Easter egg hunt, the software package large has disclosed with redesigned, ocean wave-inspired logo for Edge that bears precious little resemblance to the Internet Explorer-inspired icon of old.

The “E” is there if you look closely, however it’s evident that Microsoft would rather you not associate the new app too closely with the times of IE-only internet pages and glaring security holes.

Microsoft's New Edge logo Revealed erasing bad memories of Internet Explorer
Microsoft’s New Edge logo Revealed erasing bad memories of Internet Explorer

The Chromium-based Edge has been offered in beta since August, however, it is not sure simply once the finished version can arrive.

The Verge noted that Microsoft’s developer- and IT-focused Ignite conference starts on Nov fourth, though.

That may be a perfect venue to formally launch a browser that represents a transmutation in Microsoft’s approach to the net.

The Edge icon was disclosed in associate elaborate Easter Egg hunt wherever Microsoft staff denote cryptic clues to a series of puzzles and pictures.

Puzzle solvers even had to render a position icon as a 3D object, because of the object model code that was hidden in a picture. It all led to a series of words discovered in seven clues, which were then inputted into a Javascript function on Microsoft’s Edge Insider website.

This revealed which words needed to be pulled from a video for the final instructions to discover the secret surfing game and the new logo when you complete it.

The secret edge water sport game is incredibly kind of like SkiFree, a classic sports game that was free as a part of Microsoft’s recreation Pack three for Windows back in 1991.

We’re now waiting to hear when Microsoft will release a final version of its Edge Chromium browser.

The software package maker frees a beta version back in August, and a stable version appeared on the web recently.

Microsoft is holding its Ignite conference in the urban center next week, and given the new emblem reveal it’s doubtless we’ll hear a lot of a couple of unleashing dates terribly before long.


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