Mike Morse chasing accused You Tube sex predator Onision


If you are not an intense online reader, then you need to know the story from scratch. The protagonist of this news is Onision. Onision is a popular name in the YouTube world. Onision’s real name is Gregory Daniel Jackson. His channel “Onision” is famous for social awareness topics like suicide. However, the recent controversy regarding him created a stir in the entertainment world. He has been recently accused of online sexual exploitation. It has been claimed by many underage female victims that Onision befriended them for sexual abuse. Not only Onision but her spouse was also accused of the crime. He denied the allegations made by these females.

Mike Morse chasing accused You Tube sex predator Onision
Mike Morse chasing accused You Tube sex predator Onision

He also posted videos where he was looking extremely stressed out. Chris Hansen is the next important character regarding this news. He is a popular host of the YouTube channel name “Have a seat with Chris Hansen”. Chris takes interviews of many predators on his YouTube channel. Recently, in a new episode, Chris can be seen knocking Onision’s door. Now a new surprising thing happened recently. “Mike Morse” a famous attorney is also taking part in Onision’s case. Mike Morse invited Chris Hansen in his show “Open Mike”. During this show, Chris gave him a gist of Onision’s sexual abuse story. Now, we can see a new video circulating on the internet.

In this video clip, we can see Mike knocking Onision’s door. On the other hand, we can see how a terrified Onision is calling 911 to call the police. In a recent video clip, Onision called Mike, Hansen and their crew as Youtube stalkers. According to recent news, Mike is providing legal advice to Onision’s victim. He also claimed that he got involved because he felt upset after hearing all the news regarding this man. This case is one of the most controversial cases in the history of the entertainment world.


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