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Minecraft Dungeons: Expected Release Date And Much More About The Game!

Minecraft Dungeons is the hottest RPG that is being developed this year. So obviously, all crazy gamers are going bonkers over this game.

So let’s dig up a few things that you must know if you are eagerly waiting for this blockbuster game.

When is the expected release date?

Though the expected release date of the game is yet to be confirmed, it is being rumored that the game will be available sometime in 2020. So, if you are dying to try your hand on this game, you will have to wait for May 2020, to be exact. Only recently RTX makeover won a major upgrade in terms of graphics and texture which was not all that important earlier.

The GamePlay:

The gameplay and tone of the new Minecraft Dungeons are very similar to its earlier version. The only alteration that you will notice is in the locations which have been upgraded in the new version of the game. Like the earlier version, players will have to roam around in the dungeon, chasing a few familiar dragons and creatures from the Minecraft Universe. Minecraft Dungeons allows players to take on the game solo or with a four-player group. So this is a game for groupies and also the loners. Win-win for everyone!


The new version is going to rock your visual aesthetics with the upgraded effects. The blocks have been upgraded as per the theme of the dragons and the best part is that you get a new weapon system!

Now coming to the most important part, how do you get this amazing game?!

Purchase and Pre Order:

Once the game is released in 2020 it will be available for download and purchase on the official site. Plus you can grab it off the Microsoft Store as well.

So hold it together and let’s wait for the most awesome game of the millennium!

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