Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist kitchen design is a good option for the newly wed couple. Although it is minimalist, it is fully functional. You can start with choosing the theme and mixing and matching the theme color and look of your table including interior, kitchenware, cooking set, and also other stuff that can make the kitchen more alive such as adding a neutral theme and good quality linen tablecloths for the dining table. In order to make the kitchen look minimalist but fully functional, you can use a countertop, buried stove, and maybe a multi-purpose sink and hose. Let’s see minimalist kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Theme

First thing to do if you want a minimalist kitchen is to rethink the kitchen colour theme. You can seek inspiration from magazines, websites, or maybe from your friend’s kitchen. It would be nice if you choose a solid colour palette in neutral tones because it can make the kitchen look simpler and with minimal contrast, the look can be more spacious. The other tips to make the kitchen more spacious is by using glossy finish on cabinetry because the high-gloss finish will help to add some reflection, which will make the kitchen seem larger.

You can use white and off-white as the base color palette for your kitchen. Use of colour is important to make sure your kitchen looks gorgeous. Using grey and black are redundant, choose neutral color for slightly softened appearance.

Make It Minimal

Minimalist kitchens and interiors have vision to keep it as simple as possible. The statement sink is a great start to upgrade. Switch  your current faucets for a sleek, chrome option that will breathe a modern feel into your kitchen. Clever appliance storage is a priority to achieve a smart minimalist look. You can clutter your previous appliances and start built-in appliances such as getting the microwave up off the counter.  Make sure that your kitchen has cabinetry designed specifically to store a bunch of things that you want to hide like the toaster, food processor, blender, and mixer. It is very useful to  have lots of room in which to hide your groceries, pans and other stuff to gain a minimalist look.

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You can also ask your designers to add drawers under the oven to make more storage. You might choose a combi-steam oven instead of two ovens in order to keep the room spacious. Remember, it doesn’t matter where your drawers and cupboards are, as long as you can close them, your kitchen will still appear minimal. 


Minimalist kitchen is a good idea for those who don’t have a huge property, or who don’t have big family members such as newlywed couples. It is minimal but must look pretty and the most important thing is it is fully functional. You can start with choosing your kitchen theme and then mix and match the interior, kitchenware, and also cooking set based on the theme color. Be sure to also pay attention to yourself. Meaning that you also have to present yourself so that the guests will have a good impression of you. Dress nicely but don’t overdo it. You can try using elegant outfits such as these beautiful linen pants combined with simple oxford white shirts or other subtle colors as per your liking. Other tips that will make your kitchen look minimalist are to clutter all the stuff and try to hide it in hidden storage.


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