Mistakes You Need To Avoid For Your Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging

The importance of soap in our daily life is immense and there is no doubt about that. Every time you get done with a job, whether it is working, eating, or other stuff, you go straight to washing your hand. Just like the importance of soap in your life, product packaging for any product shares the same importance or perhaps more. In the soap industry, soap packaging is nearly on the same level as the product because those days are gone when packaging was considered a mere carrier for the product. 

Especially, in this gigantic market of cosmetics, packaging has the potential to decide the sales of your soap business. The cosmetic industry has multiple niches like moisturizers, perfumes, makeup, and many more, but the fastest-growing niche is the soap niche, so you might want to get into custom soap boxes for a better image in customers’ eyes.  

We are here to tell you about the common mistakes made by soap business owners for their packaging, whether they are a new business or an old one. This blog will ensure that you take the right steps and avoid these mistakes so that you can always be one or two steps ahead of your competitors.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this blog.

Picking The Wrong Box 

First and the biggest mistake soap brands make is choosing the wrong box. New brands mostly overlook this mistake because they think they can get away with it, but as you read above, this niche is a gigantic niche and these things never go unnoticed, and small details make a big difference. Choosing the wrong packaging for your soap includes everything from size, shape, and the material used for its manufacturing. 

When you have a soap that is of average size, and you put it into a big box, customers assume in mind that they might receive more value for their money, but then get disappointed when they don’t get what they hoped for even if there is nothing to be disappointed about. On the other hand, when you put a soap in a small box compared to the size of soap, you are making it hard for the customers to get the soap out, you might wonder how to solve this problem? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple, call your packaging manufacturers and tell them the dimensions of the soap, this will help them design a box that is perfect for your product.

Not Following The Latest Trends 

The second biggest mistake is a mistake that even old brands make, and that is not following the latest trends on the market. Trust me, you don’t want your brand to make the same mistake because following the trends will make your brand grow. Not following the market trends is like you have an appetite for your favorite food and you have that food in front of you, but you still decide to pass on it. 

Keep a sharp eye on the market trends and pick them before your competitors so you can hit the ground running. A vital tip here is to not go balls deep because the trends aren’t going to last for years.

Misleading your Customers 

The third biggest and most vile mistake a brand can make is misleading its customers. Customer support should always be the top priority regardless of the business. You are in the market to create a brand and legacy, and that is impossible to do without having loyal customers and a solid base. You can keep investing in that business, but when you are misleading your customers and they don’t get what they were promised, that will be like throwing money into a fire pit. 

Misleading is not only about the poor quality, but it is also about not keeping your word. Be true, and don’t try to portray like your soap is the best they could get because they might have even better options in the market. Misleading also means writing on the soap packaging that this soap will help you get rid of dryness when in reality it makes their skin drier. Under some laws, your customer can sue you and your business.

Not Having The Right Manufacturers 

Not having the right manufacturer is probably the reason you aren’t getting your desired results even after doing everything right except the packaging manufacturing. You can build the best marketing team around your brand, and you can attract all the traffic, but you aren’t going to sell anything if you can’t deliver quality. You might have a problem-solving soap on your hand with the finest quality, but why would it matter if customers just look at the packaging, and go like no this isn’t for me? 

For a moment, let’s assume your customers don’t judge your packaging by the looks, but they will judge from the quality of the packaging. If you talk about selling your soaps online, what makes you think that you won’t get a bad review on your site when you ship them a soap packed in a third-tier packaging? In short, there is no way you can get away from this except by solving this problem.

Dump your current manufacturers if they can’t deliver up to mark, and go for manufacturers that care about the quality. You might lose some margins, but once you build a reputed brand, you can get those margins back.

Not Doing A Test Run 

Last but not least, the fifth-biggest mistake you can make and should avoid is not testing first. To avoid this mistake, the best thing you can do is a trek around the market and see what works in your specific niche. Yes, creating a unique packaging should be your priority, but don’t go all in before you test that packaging. 

Taking inspiration from well-reputed brands is suggested because they have already done the hard work, and made the customers believe in them. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration, but don’t be a copycat.


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