Modern Versions of Men’s Iconic Hat Styles Seen in Movies

Men’s Iconic Hat

Hats and movie characters have been long-time connected. People like Cowboy Bob wore hats that defined them and their classic western movies for life in the old western days. You could even say that some films became memorable because of the character’s classic cowboy hat. So it follows then that today you can easily find and purchase replicas of those same vintage hats your favorite cowboys and bandits used to wear as they tracked down bad guys on the big screen. You have to look on in a store that specializes in hat making. Before this, here are the Men’s Iconic Hat and their modern-day counterparts that you can wear today.

Pork Pie hats- Men’s Iconic Hat 

In Breaking Bad, Walter White, the main character, wears a pork pie hat. In the series, he dominates the world of the illicit drug business and eventually becomes powerful. When he grabs his pork pie-style hat, his character shifts to a more intimidating persona that strikes fear into others quickly. In modern mens hat styles, you can find this type of iconic hat. It can have a flat crown and a slightly upturned brim on edge. 

Cowboy hats

In the classic western film Rio Bravo, John T. Chance portrayed the role of a Presidio County’s peacemaking sheriff. He wears an old-fashioned cowboy hat that boosts his pure masculine character with a genuine cowboy appeal. The cowboy hat style soon became an integral part of his movie career. 

In the present day, many modern versions of cowboy hats are available. These make the right choice for everyone, including cowboys, ranchers, outdoorsy people, etc. Cowboys who travel from place to place for games alone or in a group also depend on these hats. If you felt inspired by a cowboy hat look in any of your favorite movies, you can also embrace one for your wardrobe, whether for fashion or function. These can create a contemporary heroic look for all men, something that every man aspires to achieve when wearing their western attire.

Fedora hat 

Nothing can beat the classic appeal of a fedora hat. These hats have been around for a very long time. If you know, musicians during the Big Band Era of the 1930s and 1940s sported this hat look quite often. Since then, these hats have always held an air of class, sophistication, and intrigue and frequently appeared in movies or television. For example, you cannot miss those unforgettable scenes from Indiana Jones where Harrison Ford wore his typical fedora hat. The look earned him worldwide fame. Due to the craze kindled by his legendary fedora hat style, it’s hard to find a movie today that doesn’t feature a character wearing a fedora. If you don’t believe it, pick any favorite spy thriller, and you will realize.

If you want to add that kind of flair to your personality that speaks of strength, magical charm, and everything witty, you can pick one from the latest fedora hat collection for men.

Don’t worry if you think what others will say about your choice after learning about the reason behind your hat selection. Movies and artists have always been the greatest source of fashion inspiration for everyone.



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