Money Heist Season 4: Has Netflix Renewed The Show? When Will The Spanish Drama Return?


Back on May 9, 2017, Netflix released the Season 1 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ a.k.a ‘Money Heist’. Season two hit the platform six months later on October 16, 2017. The Spanish TV series took the internet by storm and, according to Forbes, it was the most popular foreign language TV series on the streaming platform in 2018.

Season 3 of the show took almost two years to return to Netflix, on July 19, 2019. And eager fans worldwide are already pestering Netflix on social media to release Season 4 soon, as Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger.

Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

The popular streaming service announced that ‘Money Heist’ is the most-watched non-English language series ever. The riveting crime series has won the Best Drama at both the International Emmy Awards and the Premios Fénix.

Money Heist Season 4 Has Netflix Renewed The Show When Will The Spanish Drama Return.

According to Variety, Season 3 of the show has broken all records by securing the finest first-week global result ever for a Netflix foreign language series and is also officially the most-watched Netflix series or film of all time in any language, including English, in many countries around the world such as Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, France etc.

So it is not surprising that the show will return for a fourth season. Although Netflix has not officially announced the renewal of the show, it is confirmed that the series will be back by creator Alex Pina who said at a press conference, “They’re [the characters are] a group of people who still have a lot to say. It took us quite a long time to decide, we wanted to respect our work.”

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When Will The Spanish Drama Return?

Thus, it is quasi-official that Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ will be releasing with some speculating that it is going to be soon, considering part four is already in production. And if the way the first two seasons came out is any indication of when the next part will be released, maybe viewers can expect it soon rather than later.


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