More than 12,000 pounds of cocaine seized by Coast Guard-


Almost the entire world knows, one of the biggest problems that the U.S law enforcement dept. deals with on a daily basis is – drug trade. And for this time it’s a win for the department.

A major drug bust was announced by A U.S coast guard last Friday.

The Coast Guard explained on Friday it off-load more than 12,000 pounds of cocaine thwarted in the international waters in the Pacific Ocean.

The spasms traversed four cutter ships ― Seneca, Tahoma, Midgett, and Valiant ― as confirmed by the authorities. The drugs are worthy of about hundreds of millions of dollars, were carried ashore in Miami.

More than 12,000 pounds of cocaine seized by Coast Guard-
More than 12,000 pounds of cocaine seized by Coast Guard-

These down span counter-drug operations are a vital element to the Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security’s goal and our national security,” Cmdr. John Christensen, the officer of the Seneca, said in a statement.

“These operations enable us to extend our maritime borders … and they combat the drug epidemic within our local communities.”

The Coast Guard claimed that it regained the cocaine off the shores of Mexico and Central and South America.

The cocaine haul was worth somewhere in between of $272 million to $435 million, as calculated by a Miami Herald estimate.

The cutter Seneca confiscated approximately 2,800 pounds of cocaine, the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant commandeered about 1,000 pounds, the Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma seized about 2,500 pounds The Coast Guard Cutter Midgett confiscated approximately 5,700 pounds of cocaine respectively.

Well, that would explain why there were all of those bricks of cocaine washing up on the beaches of Cocoa and Beach Melbourne, come about two weeks ago from Hurricane Dorian.

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Our advice for those in Miami, you might want to switch to Ritalin until cocaine prices come down because of the shortage. (Or maybe stop doing drugs all together, that is like cheaper and well… safe *shrugs*


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