Most Basic Gym Equipment that You Can Buy for a Home Gym

Gym Equipment

Working out at home is the ideal option at the moment. The risk of going to a gym is not something anyone would want to take during the outbreak of the coronavirus. But gym equipment can be expensive and can gather dust when everything goes back to normal. So, if you’re looking for the basic gym equipment online to buy them and keep yourself fit, read on!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on, and we’ll give you a complete guide in this regard! We will cover some of the basic gym equipment that is not expensive yet can give you the desired fitness you’re looking for!

6 Most Basic Gym Equipment That You Need for a Home Gym

Apart from the fear of getting infected by the dreadful coronavirus, people are worried about the time it takes to go to and from the gym. So, keeping some basic equipment at home can help you save that extra time and also keep you fit at the same time.

So, let’s not waste any more time in checking out what the most basic gym pieces of equipment are that you need for a home gym:

1. Exercise Mat

When we’ve decided to give you the most basic equipment, we thought of starting our list with an exercise mat.

Be it to perform yoga or try out any exercise; no one likes their knees to get hurt. So, this exercise mat is going to give you that comfort while you’re working hard on your abs.

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When purchasing this, try to get yourself a mat that has thick cushioning, especially if you’re exercising on a hard floor. Apart from that, having a mat gives you a clear opportunity to work out in your patio or backyard as well. So, list the exercise mat number one on your home gym list!

2. Resistance Bands

The second gym equipment that has made it to our list is resistance bands. They are great for exercising and are perfectly inexpensive, lightweight, and, needless to say, that it takes little space.

However, they might be small and cheap, but these resistance bands can take your workout to the next level. So, try out some clamshells, side squats, or glute bridges with these resistance bands.

3. Kettlebells

Another piece of equipment that is a must-buy to keep your heart rate and muscles working perfectly is kettlebells. These are great for Turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings. Apart from that, you can also consider using kettlebells to do strength training exercises.

More so, you can even try out passing the kettlebell in front of your leg each time you’re moving forward. Also, you can do a walking lunge or a goblet squat with this kettlebell. So, do add this to your exercise routine once you get yourself this equipment.

4. Dumbbells (Medium-Weight)

When considering the most basic gym equipment at home, you cannot miss out on adding a set of dumbbells to your list. It broadens the opportunity for you to work out at home and also try out several strength exercises.

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Some of the strength exercises you can try out are lunges, bicep curls, and much more. But are you concerned about what weight is ideal for you? Well, in this case, you can go for the medium-weight dumbbell set.

5. Jump Rope

Another piece of equipment that you can consider purchasing is a jump rope. It’s a great way to do your cardio and pump the heart rate up! Jump rope also works perfectly on your legs, shoulders, arms, and core.

And, of course, a jump rope does bring back loads of memories to us! So, get yourself one jump rope and keep yourself fit and make some new memories as well.

6. Gliding Discs

Well, gliding discs aren’t that easy. They are much more challenging. You would have to place the gliding discs under your hands and legs when you try out plank-to-pikes and lunges.

And that makes it challenging as you have put in a lot of effort while you’re moving in a horizontal direction. To do it perfectly, you can try looking at some YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you have what you’ve been looking for. All these pieces of equipment are inexpensive and yet prove to be great things to try out your workout. So, go ahead and get these to get the desired fitness you’ve been looking for. However, we would always suggest you go online to find the best posture and techniques before trying out these exercises.


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