Most Popular Book Themed Slots At Online Casino


The world of online gambling is gaining a lot of popularity these days, poker games, roulettes or blackjack. Any game in a casino has its online version for people to find. This also is the case of the popular slots machines.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of casinos is Slots machines, iconic and fun. The adrenaline of each spin is an experience worth living at least once. Many people go to casinos just to play on these and that way slot machines have a growing and loyal community.

Online slot machines are no exception, players all around the world can find them in many online casino pages with an infinite variety of changes. Playing just for fun or gambling real money in the process is something possible with these digital versions of the classic casino game.

Online slots allow the players to make minimum and max bets, get extra spins, earn big prizes, experience exciting visuals, bet with criptos, and give the old slots a full spin to a different level of enjoyment.

Book themed slot machines:

Talkin about the variety that online casinos offer we find this curiosity: Slots machines with different themes. Some of them with unique ways of playing, some others being customizable, with different aesthetics and all of them a different experience for the player.

There are among themed slot machines online many book themed slot machines in existence, this is some sort of sub-genre that has a lot of popularity in the different development studios for these gambling games.

Book themed slots count with the attractiveness of having interesting themes that fill the whole experience of playing with an immersive atmosphere, almost as if the machine has a story of its own. To give you an idea and also a starting point in case you feel like trying these very enjoyable games. Here’s a list with some book themed slot machines.

The Book of Shadows:

Let’s start with my personal favorite, a slot machine that has ‘adventure’ written all over the frame. In this gambling adventure we find ourselves with a dark forest that evocates witchcraft elements and gives the image of a cursed slot machine, the elements present in each lane, such as ritual elements, eyes in bottles, pentagram covered books, skulls, great image design with a dark aesthetic and a lot of symbolism make this slot machine an original visual experience in the genre.

During the game you’ll have the opportunity to activate the ‘spells’ hidden in the slot. For example: Once you get 3 or more Book of Shadows symbols, you’ll unleash the free spins bonus round. After the third Shadow row you will be given 6 to 10 free spins, while four rows will give 8 to 12 free spins

Book of Shadows can be played on any device from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin. This is the cost at the default 3 row setting. By clicking on the grid, you can activate 4 or even 5 rows. Doing so increases the bet by 1.5x or 2x, respectively. RTP is also row dependent, meaning 3, 4, or 5 rows in play produce ratings of 96.01%, 96.07%, or 96.19% respectively. In all cases, volatility remains the same 10/10

Book of Zeus:

The Book of Zeus, created by amigo gaming is a slot machine following the “the book of” threat that appears to be a tradition of the developing teams of these games. It takes us to a gambling experience where our fate is in the hands of the gods, with precious ancient greek aesthetic, gold details, and great earn-risk balance, will you leave your fortune in the hands of the king of the Olympus? Or are you going to be the one thatches everything? These are the questions that this slot machine seems to give to the player.

The entire background of the game occurs in an ancient greek temple, with classic marble columns and a gallery of warrior statues. The location is mostly white and red, and the overall result is impressive and very elegant.

The actual gameplay of Zeus is actually very straightforward and user-friendly. Counting with five reels and 25 paylines in total. Some of the gameplay options are the classics in slot games, a bet max button to go all-in on the following spin and the autoplay mode to switch to go full auto while you place the same bet on several spins. 

Finally, Zeus also counts with a progressive jackpot, ready to be won randomly after each successful spin.

This slot machine offers percentage return, High risk level and max win. With very balanced math and the chance of getting the massive swings, the game is an excellent experiences for both rookie and experienced players.

Book  of Piggy Banks:

The book of Piggy Banks by Spinomenal is although following the “the book of” lane not a greek epic or a Witches story, we find the story of this slot in the hands of a piggy bank, the theme is simple, making money. This Slot has a friendlier and simpler ambient in comparison to the previous two. 

This slot looks very stylish, quite unusual. With attractive visuals,and beautiful graphics, anyway, despite the bright colors, the machine won’t cause discomfort to the player at all even during long games. Among the game features are Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, and Wild. All of these elements combined end up giving any player as they spin the reels and all the symbols work together a very appealing game experience and atmosphere.

Speaking of gaming features, you will find yourself in a traditional playing set-up, 6 reels and 3 rows, up to a total 10 paylines to form the winning combos. The minimum bet on this book theme slot goes from 0.1 EUR and you can increase it as high as 100 EUR if you are feeling especially lucky that day. By doing so, you will have a good chance to win the highest payout which is 10.000x of your initial stake.


Online slots are a great way to experience the adrenaline of gambling online. We have a lot of choices to pick from the different studios that put their talent on display for video slot machines fans. If you liked this article and want to try out the slots we talked about and many more we recommend you to try out certificated online casinos like 



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