As we all know very well that the whole world is practicing social distancing by staying at home for a good reason. It is very much important to get saved from a serious virus attack which has spread all over the world these days. The coronavirus effect has destroyed the whole world with its bad factors. People are forced to live in their houses and they do not have any choice to do so. Obviously, it is much difficult to stay at home when you have nothing to do. At this time, you will definitely find the best solution through which you can get some sort of entertainment. The best source of entertainment these days we have YouTube which is being watched all over the world. No doubt, you can find any type of informational, musical, DIY, tutorials, funny, horror and many other video collections on YouTube. No doubt, the YouTube library has been updated with a lot more new and trendy videos that will never make you feel bored by any chance increase Spotify plays

It will be effective to check YouTube for any type of videos and it is for sure that you will never find it useless by any chance. Well, it is a great solution that will allow you to get entertained and it is the best solution that will never let you bore in the pandemic situation as well. Right now, people are also earning from YouTube by uploading the unique videos and they are also getting huge responses from their subscribers as well. You can also get a huge response from subscribers by sharing your personal videos or informative content with viewers to get huge appreciation in return. Today, we will discuss with you the top 10 famous YouTube videos of all time which are still viewed by the viewers and they are also getting an increase in a number of views respectively. Moreover, you will also get to know here what type of strategy you also have to utilize to increase the viewers on your YouTube videos as well. All these facts will definitely provide you the best options to make your videos incredible and unique by all means. 

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos On YouTube:

All these videos have a lot more views just because they have been created with proper planning according to the interest of the targeted audience. 

  • Luis Fonsi- Despactio ft. Daddy Yankee
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It is considered as the most preferred video content on YouTube which has 6.78 billion views. No doubt, the song, and video creation are outstanding and it will definitely amaze you as well. The video is mostly sung in Spanish language but still, it is on the top of the list on YouTube and people love to see it.

  • Pinkfong- Baby Shark Dance

It is Korean video content and it has a quality to catch the attention of the kids towards it. This video is on number 2 right now with 5.43 billion views on it. 

  • Ed Sheeran- Shape of you

No doubt, it is one of the tops watched videos on YouTube of all time. This video also holds the record to reach at fastest on billion views on it. 

  • Wiz Khalifa- See you Again ft. Charlie Puth

As we all know about Wiz Khalifa which is considered on the top of the list in America. This video had 4.56 billion views on it and the lyrics of this song are also catchy by all means.

  • Masha and the Bear- Recipe for Disaster

It is also the most viewed video content on the internet and it is a Russian CGI- animated TV show for kids. You can also see 4.27 billion views on its videos which is another highest view by all means. 

  • Mark Ronson- Uptown funk ft. Bruno Mars

The respective video made its debut in 2014 and still it has gained 3.85 billion views on it. Still, people prefer to view it on YouTube respectively.

  • PST- Gangnam Style
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 Almost everyone knows about this song which has incredibly changed the scenario of the whole world. With less than six month tenure, this video reached a billion views on it and it has 3.63 views. 

  • Miroshka TV- Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm

It is the best content for the kids of all ages and currently, it has reached 3.30 billion views which is also an incredible thing. 

  • LooLoo Kids- Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

As we all know Johnny Johnny yes papa poem from our childhood and it has converted with the best video content which has gained 3.30 billion views. 

  • Justin Bieber- Sorry

Justin Bieber is the most famous singer in America and his songs are highly appreciated all over the world as well. His video “Sorry” has reached 3.29 billion views which is also an amazing thing. 

All these videos with a billion views on them are the best inspiration for those who are willing to start their own channel on YouTube in future. Here we will let you know some interesting facts that will make your videos up high in views by all means. 

Points that will help you out to make your video highly viewed on YouTube

  • First of all, you need to select the best content format for the video and you better have an idea about the targeted audience for which you are going to upload a video on your channel.
  • Content should be according to the community standard and it should be informational, entertaining, and useful for the viewers.
  • Share the link of your YouTube videos on a social media platform in relevant groups and communities. Through this way, you will get huge appreciation all over the world which is the best thing for you by all means.


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