Motorcycle Gear That’s Good for Both Long and Short Rides

Short Rides

If you’re looking for touring gear that will work on everyday rides as well as it does on your seasonal road trips, comfort is the important factor to weigh in any consideration. There’s a wide variety of riding gear with protective padding and rugged materials that resist damage, but the gear you plan to wear as all-day protection needs to be as easy to wear in the eighth hour as it was in the first. That’s why no matter what features you need, the right motorcycle jackets will always be the ones that don’t get in your way while you ride.

Today’s top manufacturers produce a wide variety of designs with features ranging from additional pocket storage to protective liners meant to reinforce areas like your joints and abdomen in case of a spill. Sometimes this protective lining seems like a bit much for hot summer riding, but today’s state of the art materials are lighter and more breathable than ever while also providing superior protection. In fact, with most modern gear it’s less about how long you are riding than it is about how many miles are on your riding clothes. Replacing them when they’ve passed their peak is going to keep you more comfortable than trading out gear for long versus short rides.

How to Know When to Replace Your Motorcycle Gear

Even if you never have any kind of accident, your outerwear has a limited life expectancy before the weathering of the fabric and the forces of everyday riding, along with the washing process, take their toll. Rugged gear can last a few seasons, but you should still inspect it periodically to look for wear and tear that could tell you it’s time to order a replacement the next time you’re shopping motorcycle parts on sale. Remember, there’s a hard line between broken in and broken down. Here’s what to look for if you think it might be time to replace some riding clothes:

  • Faded colors from repeat washings are an early sign of fabric stress, the more faded the sooner you should replace the article of clothing
  • Loose stitching or threads coming undone is a sign seams are going, usually sooner rather than later
  • Worn patches that are thin or even showing small holes tell you the gear is done with
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You might be wondering what to do about your helmet. Most of the DOT approved models you’ll find when cruising for motorcycle batteries for sale online have guidelines with a recommended product lifespan. It’s also worth checking to see if the helmet has signs of pitting or damage, and it’s always a good idea to replace a helmet that has taken an impact.

Where to Get the Safest Motorcycle Gear

The same dedicated retailers that provide you with the widest selection of OEM and aftermarket parts for your bike are going to be the ones stocking a variety of safe, comfortable, and stylish gear when you need riding clothes. Check out return policies if you might need to try on different sizes, because they vary a lot from store to store. The best online retailers will anticipate your needs and provide for them, in addition to providing top selection.


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