Mozilla to launch Paid Premium Support for enterprise customers


Today, everyone is living on the internet and the superfast era. Any update, addition, improvement, and development is observed very carefully and similar is the case with any flaw that it may have. It is user-oriented and their convenience and reviews are sincerely taken into account.
Further improvements are made on those factors.
And thus, it just keeps getting day by day.

Mozilla is gifting its users generously
Similar is the case with Mozilla Firefox Browser. Everyone is sure to have heard of it. It is the most competitive browser amongst all others. Recently, Mozilla has launched a new feature, exclusively for its enterprise customer.
Mozilla has launched a new product, the premium support for Firefox. It is exclusive for enterprise customers and is a paid feature. Purchasing this will let the customers have the authority to access the critical issue list, submit any report privately and securely, get special security from some bugs which otherwise are present in the browser, get unlimited access to a private customer portal and also the authority to contribute your special inputs, contributing to roadmap of firefox.

Mozilla to launch Paid Premium Support for enterprise customers
Mozilla to launch Paid Premium Support for enterprise customers

All these and a lot more are available at only $10 per feature installation, and it
goes without saying that, it is very reasonable.

All these features are designed to run on all systems that fulfill the basic
requirements, that are needed to run the application(browser). All operating systems, namely, Windows, Linux, and Mac support Mozilla Firefox and thereby all the new updates and premium features will surely be supported by them all. This new advancement has been made, by Mozilla to diversify it's earning, majorly only by providing better performance and increasing the users they have. They are making all possible endeavors to please the customers with every possible resource they have.

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