Mulan: Disney announced Mulan’s release in mid-2020 | Check release date and expected plot


Disney is presenting the world with the brand new Mulan live-action movie. This 2020 Niki Caro and Rick Jaffa (the composers of the movie) are bringing adventure on the table. To begin with, Mulan comes from the legendary story of a well-known fictional character called “The Ballad of Mulan.” She is acknowledged as a Chinese warrior.

For the most part, Mulan is a very popular fictional character among children as well as the fanatics of thriller and action movies. To summarize, in 1998, the first-ever movie “Mulan” had released in theatres. Earlier, this action drama had performed on stages and live screens. It was sponsored by Walt Disney Pictures. Furthermore, after a long discussion to release the newer version of the film with a brand new story, in 2017, the movie was released. In 2017 movie by Disney, Walt Disney Studio, and motion pictures, Liu Yiefie played the protagonist’s role. 

Mulan 1

Well! The readers may wonder what is the main difference between Mulan 1998, 2017, and 2020? To us, this question remains consistent. To begin with, Mulan 1998 was animated. However, the remade version released in 2017 came with an advanced storyline and real-time action. 

What is the expected plot for Mulan 2020?

In the upcoming Mulan movie/screenplay, the viewers will be catered with shocking announcements. For instance, in the movie, China’s head chief will command one man in every family to serve as a part of the Imperial Chinese Army. In the movie, the head chief is building forced strength to fight against Huns. Huns is the antagonist of the story.

Since, according to the chief, the only man can attend and fight as a part of the Imperial Chinese Army. Consequently, Mulan (the warrior or folklore) will struggle to join the Imperial Chinese Army in her father’s place, who is severely sick. 

Furthermore in the story, the actress will look at this journey as an emotional weapon to enhance her power as the warrior. Spoiler Alert: The movie is bringing amazing high-dimensional action scenes. At last, the production house of Disney mentions that the music factor in Mulan 2020 will be less. This means that the movie will all be about fight, drama, action, adventure, and guidance to do the right thing.

liu in Mulan

What is Mulan 2020 release date?

Today, it is our honor to inform that the wait is over. After high-end Corona pandemic across the world, the former release date of Mulan 2020, I .e.March 9, 2020 has gone disappointingly. But, not anymore. Disney’s Mulan 2020 new release date is July 24, 2020. That’s right! Only 3 months to go. The moment is not very far when you will view the Chinese legend performance on the big screen. Are you ready to Binge?

For now, check out Disney’s Mulan 2020 trailer.

Who are all in the cast of Mulan 2020?

Following is the list of Mulan 2020 cast:

  • Liu Yifei is playing Mulan.
  • Crystal Rao is appearing as young Mulan.
  • Donnie Yen is playing the part of Commander Tung, I .e.. Mulan’s army mentor.
  • Jason Scott Lee is playing the part of Bori Khan/Shan Yu from Mulan 1998.
  • Yoson An is playing the part of Chen Honghui, or Mulan’s lover 
  • Gong Li is appearing as Xian Lang, a witch with superpowers.
  • Jet Li is appearing as The Emperor of China.
  • Tzi Ma is playing the part of Hua Zhou, I .e.. Mulan’s father.
  • Rosalind Chao is appearing as Hua Li, I .e.., Zhou’s wife and Mulan’s mother.
  • Xana Tang is appearing as Hua Xiu or Mulan’s younger sister.
  • Ron Yuan is playing the part of Sergeant Qiang.
  • Jimmy Wong is appearing as Ling, another member who learns under Commander Tung.
  • Nelson Lee is playing as Chancellor
  • Cheng Pei-Pei is the Matchmaker
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar is appearing as a Sketcher.


To Sum Up…

The entire team of the movie will bring a powerful act on the screen on July 24, 2020. From the slightly bent storyline to romance in the life of legendary fighter Liu, the fans should buckle up!!! This mid-2020, Disney is greeting its fans with real-time action and type of romance never seen before. Have you enjoyed the trailer? It is time to share this and treat your friends with this good news.


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