Muslin Blankets: Choosing a Good Blanket for the Bedroom


When nighttime temperatures go down, we reach for our blanket to give us an extra layer of warmth while we sleep. Most people take their blankets for granted just because they have a comforter or duvet with them. However, it’s the blanket that provides that extra pocket of air that keeps us warm and cozy throughout the night. If you want to invest in a good blanket that can help you sleep soundly at night, why not consider muslin blankets

Choosing a Good Blanket

You might think you don’t need to put in a lot of work or effort when it comes to choosing a blanket. You might think it’s as easy as choosing the color you like or that it’s the right size for your mattress. These things matter too, but there’s a little more to choosing the right blanket for your bedroom. This article will guide you through some things to consider before buying one, what materials is best to use, and more. So, keep reading to learn more!

Before you buy a blanket for your bed…

Soft, warm, and cuddly—these are just some of the words that come to mind when we talk about blankets. Blankets are essential items for cuddling at night. They keep us warm and cozy and keeps us comfortable, especially during the times when we don’t feel well.

Blankets come in different sizes and shapes, and they also come in different colors and materials you can imagine, like muslin blankets. Some blankets come with cute patterns or designs, while others come in only one solid color. They also have varying textures and weaves to choose from. This simply means that regardless of your choices and preferences, there is a blanket that’s right for you. There’s a blanket that will definitely keep you warm in the cold months, and cool in the warm months. 

Types of Blankets for Your Bed

Below are some of the most common types of blankets used in the bedroom

  • Standard Blankets

Standard-sized blankets (including twin, full, queen and king) will fit across the entire bed and still have extra to hang down over the sides. You can get them in different sizes, and they come in different types of materials too. You can tuck them in at the bottom of the bed. 

  • Throw Blankets
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Throw blankets are considerably smaller compared to a standard blanket. It is ideally placed at the end of the bed for decoration. It also works as a great cover for afternoon naps when you don’t want to unmake the bed, or when you’re feeling a bit cold or chilly at night and need extra warmth. Throw blankets are made of different types of materials ranging from fleece to cotton. 

  • Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have gained popularity due to their added weight that adds pressure on the body and is said to promote better sleep at night. The weight of these types of blankets also provide more heat compared to other types of blankets, and they tend to be too warm for some people. There are, however, weighted blankets that are breathable and cooler than others, so do check the blanket’s information if you’re a hot sleeper. 

  • Electric Blankets

These types of blankets are made from synthetic materials and use housing electric heating elements. Electric blankets let you adjust the temperature according to your preference, or on what is comfortable to you. Some electric blankets have dual controls so two people sharing the bed can adjust the different sides of the blanket according to the temperature they prefer. For safety’s sake, it is strongly advised to place a comforter or another blanket on top of an electric blanket. These blankets must only be used in the master bedroom, not in a child’s room or baby’s room. 

How to Choose A Blanket for Your Bed

Below are some questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a blanket for your bed

How will you use the blanket?

Do you like to wrap yourself in a blanket when sleeping? Or are you the type of person that likes to crawl in between the sheets and have the blanket lay on top of you? Do you like sharing your blanket with another person, or do you want to have it all to yourself? The answers to these questions can help determine the size of blanket you want or buy.

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Are You a Cold or Hot Sleeper? 

If you usually get cold during the night, then you might enjoy using a blanket that’s made of warmer material, such as wool or fleece. If you’re a hot sleeper or someone that gets hot easily, you’ll do well with a cotton or muslin blankets since they’re lighter in weight. If you get too cold or too hot at night, you’ll only end up tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping, so buy a blanket that will make you feel comfortable and suits your needs. 

Muslin Blankets

A muslin blanket is made from muslin fabric, a finely woven, breathable, and lightweight cotton fabric. Muslins are usually made from a cotton or bamboo mix, making them lightweight, breathable, and softer with each use. 

Muslin is one of the purest and most gentle fabrics you can get for a blanket. This type of fabric is perfect for babies’ blankets because they are soft, gentle and breathable. They are also gentle to baby’s skin, which means that they are gentle and safe for adults with sensitive skin. Blankets made from muslin are also incredibly durable, as it is able to withstand countless washes. The best part of it all? Muslin blankets get softer after every wash! They come in different colors and designs and are reasonably priced as well! Blankets made of muslin fabric are ideal gifts for baby showers because they are multi-functional. They can be used as blankets, as a cover up for when breastfeeding, or even as a makeshift mat for babies. If you’re planning to gift a new parent something, you’ll never go wrong with a muslin blanket. 



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