MVP software development services as a means to push one’s business forward


MVP development is essential for entrepreneurs who aim for a web-first or mobile-first approach in their business strategy, but, hey, what is an MVP in the first place?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is fully-functional software that covers the needs of roughly 80% of its users. It follows the prototype, alpha, and beta versions of a product.

Although lacking fancy additional features and a final cosmetic touch, an MVP is ready to perform the tasks it was designed for and attract investments for further development and marketing.

Software applications have the potential to push any kind of business forward. For instance, retail stores successfully use them to gain exposure, retain customers, gamify their experiences, simplify the purchase and delivery processes, etc.

Why is MVP software development particularly valuable among the other IT-related services?

It goes without saying that the modern economy at large is volatile, and only the businesses that adapt to its ever-changing conditions succeed. It is important to roll out one’s products fast, before competitors spot and occupy the niche and start gaining advantage.

In other words, all businesses, from startups to international ones, have to capitalize on speed-to-market (and take the budget into account as well).

Here is where MVP development services shine.

As I mentioned above, an MVP is a marketable product that can be improved upon as development goes on; it implements the necessary minimum of features that correspond to the audience’s expectations and the team’s goals.

  • Investors have a lot more than a mere demo or proof of concept. MVP is open to the market, so they can see how it performs.
  • Customers have a working solution.
  • A company that owns a given MVP starts generating profit and, perhaps even more importantly, user feedback.
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MVP completion is a milestone that denotes a product’s maturity, which is why the choice of development team matters so much – unless a given company relies on its own in-house one.

Is it possible to selectively order various MVP software development services from a third-party provider?

As any application, an MVP typically consists of the front-end and back-end parts. While the layout and functional elements, such as buttons, constitute a necessary part of the front-end, it may also include custom graphic design elements and text. All of the four constituent MVP parts (back-end, layout, graphics, text) belong to the area of responsibility of a different specialist team and might be developed in parallel. Therefore, a product owner may outsource various parts of the job as they deem necessary.

The four distinct stages of development (design, development, testing, deployment) may, in theory, be taken over by different teams, too.

Outsourcing is the way to go for faster, cheaper MVP software development

It is hard to find a company in a well-developed region of the world that does not outsource at least a part of its operations nearshore or offshore. The price gap is not the only concern that product owners have to deal with, albeit a substantial one.

The thing is, even if the prices were the same across the world, product owners would still look for the best skill they can afford. And one way or another, professional development teams naturally begin to specialize in a certain niche as their portfolio grows, so the PO’s are going to look for relevant cases.

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One of the best destinations for outsourcing MVP software development is, indubitably, Ukraine. A peculiar quality of Ukrainian IT services and developers is that they have inherited the post-Soviet IT infrastructure and talent pool while retaining access to European education and being financially attractive. As the influx of investments and profits from outsourcing kept coming, the position of Ukrainian development companies only strengthened.

Quite a few Ukrainian IT companies that were founded in the 90’s are now recognized globally, for instance, EPAM and SoftServe.

A dedicated development team from Ukraine demonstrates professionalism and speed on par with any other skilled team—and higher in a number of applications—but the total project cost reduction reaches about 40%. It is definitely a solid argument in favor of outsourcing to Ukraine.

Voypost is one such software development company. It had itself passed a stage of a startup venture and by now has collected enough experience in both entrepreneurship and software development to confidently help startups develop their MVPs worldwide. Now and again, the customers of Voypost acknowledge that their advice on the general course of development was as valuable as the actual software solutions they had built.

The Founder & CEO of Voypost, Nikita Sviridenko, boasts more than a decade of software development, and his team is known as highly talented and flexible. Voypost is a great choice for founders who build their very first product, so if you happen to be one of them – get to know more about them here.


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