NASA and SpaceX Collaborate to Make Movie in Space Led by Tom Cruise

nasa and spacex

Going to space has always been a fantasy for a lot of people. As of now, only astronauts sent by space agencies have been able to visit space for work. In such a situation, a movie shot in space sounds exquisite, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what is hitting the headlines right now. A feature film will be shot in space. The product is being done in collaboration with NASA and SpaceX. The actor who will be starring in the lead role is none other than Tom Cruise. It will be the first narrative film to be shot in space.

A studio for the film has not been chosen since the idea is still in nascent stages. However, the genre of the film has been decided, and its right in Tom Cruise’s comfort zone. It will be an action-adventure film; the kind Tom Cruise is famous for. Since he has starred in the superhit Mission Impossible series, fans have high expectations from him. His daredevil stunts like dangling from the side of the Burj or airborne plane have enthralled many people. In fact, he was shooting for Mission Impossible 7 and 8 before the shooting was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the first attempt

No, this isn’t the first time that there has been a discussion about shooting films in space. About 15 years ago, the renowned director James Cameroon had had a discussion with Tom Cruise about shooting a movie in space. There was a contract with Russia in the 2000s that entailed going to International Space Station. This was for the purpose of shooting a 3D documentary onboard the ISS. They were getting two seats aboard Soyuz spacecraft but they needed trainings like an engineer to make that work. Tom Cruise even agreed to train and know what he had to for going to space. The idea was, however, still in the conceptual stages and never materialized.

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The Aim

Movies are more than just entertainment. They allow people to experience things that they cannot physically go to and experience. The aim of this movie is to inspire the next generation and make possibilities limitless. This is the first time that two space entities, NASA and SpaceX are collaborating for such a project. Moreover, they aim to show people the advancements made in terms of Space technology. They also want to inspire young minds to become astronauts one day and join different space agencies.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the way things are panning out, this may as well turn out to be a blockbuster film. It will have something to offer for everyone. For action fans, it has Tom Cruise who will no doubt perform daring stunts. For Space enthusiasts, it is the first narrative film to be shot in space. Moreover, for youngsters, it will explore the vast boundaries of space and what life as an astronaut looks like. All this talk is only increasing the anticipation for this film and we cannot wait for it to come out!


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