NASA remixed: An Ariana Grande song to promote its mission to put a woman on the moon


A few interns of the world’s biggest aeronautics and aerospace research remixed Ariana Grande song to promote its mission to put a woman on the moon and we are here for it! NASA shared the video last week, describing it as an educational parody featuring a full fleet of real mission clips mixed with footage of the interns in astronaut outfits dancing and working on science projects. 

NASA is a parody of NASA 

On a mission to promote its upcoming mission to the moon, NASA interns have brought to the presence of the internet what they referred to as an educational parody. The video features a group of interns dressed up in outfits dancing and working on science projects as they sing along to a remix of singer Ariana Grande’s song NASA. Catching the attention of whoever is watching, the interns of space agency rewrote the lyrics to promote NASA’s work

A small part of something huge 

The interns call out NASA’s planned Artemis moon mission with abandon, singing, “With our eyes surely we will see another Earth-rise/SLS will take our dreams beyond the skies.” SLS is NASA’s under-development Space Launch System rocket. According to NASA, the educational parody is a part of a volunteer outreach project.

Grande’s reaction to it 

Grande saw the video and thanked the interns for their incredible work and wished them the best. She even posted on Twitter her appreciation towards the quick and catchy remix and appreciative it was, indeed. But don’t take our word for it, check it for yourself by clicking on the link below.


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