National Eat Outside Day : ‘Eating Outside is always Fun’


National Eat Outside Day: ‘Eating Outside is always Fun’:

August 31st is officially celebrated as the National Eat Outside Day. And so, you have got to pack up your lunch, head outside towards the park and get in touch with nature along with a meal under the pleasant Sun. There is no specific origin of this unofficial holiday. It is a good excuse to force people to get outside of their houses and have fun. It allows people to take in some fresh air too. The day is also known as Eat Outdoors Day or National Eat Outside Day in the United States of America.

How to Celebrate it?

1. Pack up a picnic lunch for yourself and enjoy it with family and friends in the park.
2. Grill something outside in the yard or carry a portable grill to the park.
3. If you usually have lunch at your desk at work, why not try going out for your lunch break this time and have your meal under the Sun?


This unofficial festival is really important for those people who cannot get enough sunshine during summers and long to go out. It is the best time for this festival because the sun is warm and great during this time of the year.

Since caveman’s times, people have been eating outside and it is not new for us to crave to get out of the house. Today’s millennials eat most part of their meals indoors.

Eating outdoors has to be celebrated and that is why it has been assigned a special day for that because it has become quite uncommon. National Eat Outdoor Day is an amazing day to make an exception to eat indoors. It is good to grab ice creams, popsicles and snacks outside in fresh air for a change.There are claims that hottest pellet grill are a fad that can never compare to a classic barbecue griller.

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