Need For Speed Vs Forza, Will Latest Franchise “Heat” Impact Competition?

Need For Speed Vs Forza, Will Latest Franchise “Heat” Impact Competition
Need For Speed Vs Forza, Will Latest Franchise “Heat” Impact Competition

Need For Speed and Forza are two names you know even if you are not into racing games. The two most popular racing games dominating the segment with its new updates every year. NFS despite having the last two seasons or updates, whatever you call them, a little disappointing did not go down the ranking charts. 

NFS continued to compete with Forza, another popular name in the world of racing games, which doesn’t leave any opportunity to leave NFS unbeaten. Need For Speed with its latest franchise “Heat” is all geared up to win the market again but what has got Forza planned up? It will be interesting to see. 

Forza is a favorite for people preferring realistic races. Forza also offers a lot of options in the track racing department. 

Need For Speed Vs Forza, Will Latest Franchise “Heat” Impact Competition

Need For Speed on the other hand with it’s latest franchise ‘Heat’ gets extremely updated. Making changes to the Need for Speed last season or NFS Payback, Heat does not require Speed cards to function. Along with the speed cards, the storyline too has changed. The game will allow a lot more customization to the car. 

Types of the race will differ before and after sundown. In the mornings, the races will be allowing the racer to earn money for buying car parts and updating the car with the latest features and parts. The night races will be more about unlocking cars, parts and more to excite the game and earn in the morning to be updated. 

The two things that go away from the game in 2019 along with the name that used to Need for Speed Payback which now has become Need for Speed Heat, are Speed Cards and the loot boxes.

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The current changes are nothing permanent as the features that have been taken off from the racing game today might come back tomorrow, hints Riley Cooper, the creative director of Need For Speed.

The current updates, storyline, features might seem to take away the craze from Forza but there is not enough evidence to believe that Forza is going to let it go. The loyalists will remain and soon will Forza get another update to compete with NFS Heat. It cannot ever be decided which one is better, Need for Speed vs Forza for both have their loyal fans and both are competitive enough to bring updates almost together to beat each other. 


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