Home Entertainment Netflix announces Famous comic series ‘Bone’s an animated TV version

Netflix announces Famous comic series ‘Bone’s an animated TV version


Good news for fans of dragons, Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures, and weird, Pogo-looking tourists today: Bone is finally getting the animated adaptation treatment.

Jeff Smith’s celebrated comic book—long the subject of attempts to turn it into something, including a short-lived computer game series, and ill-fated efforts from both Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros., to create a cinematic version—has just become the latest target of Netflix’s adaptation efforts.

Per Deadline, the series is being turned into an animated series, slowly digging its way through all 55 issues of the original Bone comic. Here’s all we know about the deal. 

Netflix announces Famous comic series 'Bone's an animated TV version
Netflix announces Famous comic series ‘Bone’s an animated TV version

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It’s now or never 

A frequent contender on lists of the greatest graphic novels of all time, Smith’s story blends classic cartoon character slapstick with Tolkien-esque narrative sweep, dropping three comical cousins – Fone, Phoney, and Smiley Bone – into a world full of monsters and magic.

It’s one of the most charming family-friendly stories ever told in the medium—funny, sometimes scary, and ultimately heroic as hell—and the idea of Smith’s distinctive blend of art styles finally being translated into motion is tantalizing to contemplate.

Calling all 90s kids 

If you are a true 90s kid, chances are that you have read or at least heard of Bone comic book series.

Created by Jeff Smith, the series tells the story of three Bone cousins that land up in a magical valley and have to set it free. To do so, they have to defeat the Lord of the Locusts.  

Do you have what it takes?

This mission takes them on wonderful adventures – sometimes great but other times scary. Originally published in 1991, the 55 issues of the comic book wrapped up in 2004.

The animator Jeff Smith cites comic book artists such as Walt Kelly and Carl Barks as his inspiration for Bone. 


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