Netflix Users Leave In Mass Exodus due to their Cancelled Shows

Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos, California, Tuesday, July 8, 2014. (Paul Sakuma Photography)

Netflix had been dominating the streaming market for quite a while now and was even termed as one of the best content creators that exist. Users of Netflix were really loyal to the streaming service and it actually got a lot of fame and appreciation over the years.

Then what actually happened that made the users leave the platform hastily in mass?
All of this happened because of The OA which was followed by the cancellation of One Day at a Time. Earlier in August, the announcement of the cancellation was made.

These left fans disheartened and made them proceed to take such a drastic step. Actually, there were rumors at the beginning that the cancellation was not real but eventually it turned out to be true and fans of the show were broken.

Netflix Users Leave In Mass Exodus due to their Cancelled Shows
Netflix Users Leave In Mass Exodus due to their Cancelled Shows

They decided to leave the platform for good which might actually change Netflix’s mind about the cancellation of the shows.

Netflix kept on canceling the shows without giving proper reasons to their fans. Practically, they did not actually need to. Netflix has been dominating the streaming market and has been giving a tough neck to neck competition to others. So, it might have not found it necessary to come up with a proper explanation.

Fans were provoked by this and they thought that maybe leaving the service would make Netflix realize its mistake. They hoped that maybe Netflix could change its mind over the cancellation of the shows. All of this led to a huge number of subscribers to cancel their accounts altogether in order to teach Netflix a lesson.

They were organizing their efforts to save their favorite from the fate of cancellation. This might be the first time around when Netflix received so many complaints. To be practical, this is really not the time to make the users angry over something. With the new streaming services coming to us, it seems stupid to let the users leave the platform.


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