Netflix’s “confession killer” unsolved murder is really a mystery

Netflix's "confession killer" unsolved murder is really a mystery

Henry Lee Lucas had confessed to killing more than 600 people. Suddenly the number had increased from two to one hundred. He was accused of killing two people Frieda Becky and Kate Rich initially as he entered the world of crime. Gradually these number keeps on increasing and reached more than hundreds. The time Texas law enforcement took him on the word he established” Lucas task force” although he had continued to add more in his lists.

He and the enforcement team had continued doing their job simultaneously. But time had changed for a while and with modern investigation techniques, the team had succeeded to gather evidence against him. That was not surprising enough to getting evidence against him. Due to inconsistency in confession and the evidence ” confession killer” emerges.

Netflix’s ” confession killer ” is a docuseries of Lucas and the crime team, a true story of crime and how unsolved murder solved one by one. The docuseries is directed by Robert Kenner, an Oscar nominee. The five episodes of the series deeply cover the mix of footage of Lucas and the recent interview of him. Lucas died in 2001 in the prison only. The episodes covered how the team convinced to believe in the man who himself proclaimed the country’s most prolific serial killer.

Netflix's "confession killer" unsolved murder is really a mystery
Netflix’s “confession killer” unsolved murder is really a mystery

The serial also covers how hard Luca’s past was and journey of him from an abusive childhood to a killer of more than 600 people. Lucas was born in Virginia in 1936. He was alleged to be an abusive child by people. His father was an alcoholic and mother was a prostitute. Lucas was used to be forced by his mother to watch her have sex with his clients. The abusive lady also made him cross-dressed in public.  He had to kill his mother years later and was convicted for a crime he did and served imprisonment for 15 years.

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After his release, he met a man named Ottis Toole and both met the third in California, who was Toole’s 15-year-old niece, Powell. He started working for Rich and killed the two. He confessed to killing the two in 1983. 

In an interview with the police, he confessed to killing people. He described how he killed the lady where he founded the body and other details while seeing up those evidence by the police. The confession continued to be on, one by one.


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