Netflix’s ‘Living with Yourself’ Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One: Here’s everything to know.


There is one thing inherently science-fiction concerning Paul cyprinid fish himself, a person WHO is nearing fifty, however, would still get carded by any careful barkeeper in America, like he is part of some quite dystopian, artistic movement cabal that has discovered the way to overcome aging with a hi-tech treatment manufactured from vulnerable whale placenta and children’s tears.

Rudd’s new sci-fi Netflix show, Living with Yourself, is not concerning his inherent immortality, however, it will play on another of the guy’s strengths: Paul Rudd’s endless, debilitating charm.

The series, that was created by former Daily Show producer Timothy linguist, follows Miles (Rudd), an untidy ad guy WHO cashes out his savings to acquire Associate in Nursing experimental spa treatment that guarantees to interrupt him out of his rut.

Netflix's 'Living with Yourself' Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One: Here's everything to know.
Netflix’s ‘Living with Yourself’ Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One: Here’s everything to know.

The next issue Miles is aware of, he has woken up naked during a shallow grave and there is a person in his house that appears a little bit like him.

It seems that the spa replaced Miles with a clone and left the first Miles for dead, not knowing that their killing method still had some kinks to figure out. Now, there are two Rudds, two Miles and hijinks, naturally, ensues.

It isn’t exactly a new premise. We’ve seen it in everything from the 90s rom-com Multiplicity to Calvin and philosopher. But where the world didn’t exactly need more Michael Keatons, Living with Yourself proves that things can only get better with more Rudd.

We’re presently within the middle of a long-form science-fiction renaissance, due to the increase of streaming services. Undone is astounding, Dark is one of the most complex time travel plots ever put to film, and Maniac is the most brilliant, thoughtful, and criminal overlooked series of the decade.

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The show is not specifically breaking any new sci-fi ground, but between Rudd’s pitch-perfect performances, which are easily two of the best of his career, and Greenberg’s tight writing, Living with Yourself proves it is quite simply Eternal Sunshine non-fat.


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